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measure impedance from an earth pin to breaker box ground
you can run a wire, measure the resistance of the wire first
its kind of more complicated than that, because how wiring is physically laid could couple shit into earths

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you can dmm them to check
we would usually use ring terminals
you can alligator clip to shit if you are like fuck life
get a plug assembly and wire earth into it
also i bet that center screw is earthed
you wouldnt be able to use it, but it would be perm earthed

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look into ESD mats, be aware of HV sources, because that + esd mats can kill you
but the ones with the snaps for the dual banana jack hub to connect wristband and earth link too are nice
i dont think they should cost more than $50, but i dont remember where we were buying them
sometimes wed get big roll of mat, and the snap hub kits
they all melt
the slick non foam ones melt less
yes, they melt
slower, but they melt
theres thick rubber mats, skinned foam mats, and foam mats
theres also layered construction with diff impedance material
really how solder melts into them is the big diff, practically speaking
anyway, you got options

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jero32: an extra row of shelves
a power strip w/ breaker 3M VHB'd to your desk or bench top
lots of bins, short jars, or clear plastic cops, for temp small parts storage
lots a wooden qtips, you can break and cut them in half to use as toothpick
gel flux and iso alc to dip your qtips and sticks into
magnification, either boom scope or magnifier headset
a small broom with stiff bristles to clean up small parts debris, mini dustpan
a pack of horsehair or nylon brushes, 'acid' brushes, cut the bristles short to make them stiffer if needed
first aid alcohol guaze pads

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i think this is it

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blackmoon: do you have link for that shifter ebike kit?
with the almost-pancake motor w/ gearhead?

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moon prob decent at that if they give him decent tools

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fuck ya
you polish them nice enough for high res pics
ask them if they would mind doing videos
ha, that guy should already be doing videos if hes getting booked for wood carving
usually for a booth
or you have to be part of an arganization with fees and member requirements
like, NAMM, i think you have to have orders totally $10k to be considered a music merchant

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blackmoon: these all sold already?
you should try and get some good photography of some of the stuff people cut with your knives, do a shop
sounds like you can make them quick enough that its mostly materials and consumables cost
or have them do videos with your knives, do like, cross promotions, be sneaky business peoples

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classic roast is bourbon and ashtray
this is like, unburnt, pre-ashtray

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haha @ folgers special roast (backup coffee)
i got a good wiff and i had unlit cig flashbacks
maybe the cut it with tobacco
sounds like a logistics guys problem
naw its normal for folgers
special roast is much better

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