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the cells are fine? same?
i like those things a lot
mfkr needs to fix the step and gap on his cars

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timecop: didnt you have snowmobile or who knows running of a bank of them?
*off a

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no im saying the bms he has for his setup
had it for years now i think
just curious if everything else up
what happens if it is him

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timecop: your bms worked with those cells fine?
the leaf ones

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guys how does raspi not have adc

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buy raw beans
roast light
use hot air popcorn popper, or iron pan
their descriptions are pretty good, and when you roast light, flavor profile will be extreme
almost no burnt/carbon taste. good coffee will taste amazing, but coffee you don't like will be offensive
basically everything at the store and most coffee from roasters is burnt shit
after light roasting a bean you end up really likeing, most medium and dark coffee will taste horrible
a lot of people will have some and be like, this is coffee?

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yeah its not really logical, i think there are too many factors to predict
this was like 4 years ago so maybe better
usually but again, totally depends on the audio device
you specifically, im thinking you can prob just research for a few days and find a few gear combos will work
normal people, you just hope they dont notice if it went stereo then upmixes to surround, because explaining why is hard
like having aptx headphones and no aptx sources

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okay referencing listener, 0 degrees is center channel
yeah thats vanilla, direct radiation, no bounce consideration, smallish sweet spot
but the speakers will all sound as designed
room has a huge impact
like, you want to have things symmetric if possible
it depends on the TV and audio device, and typically you need to test, and if the audio device doesnt have some sort of app or program to check, it might be very difficult to know if its upmixing
doesnt matter
vizio were best when i was testing
it might have to do with licensing
like, certain categories of devices arent supposed to be able to do it, but some do

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its ambient stuff, mostly upper mid and high frequencies
so its somewhat directional, but most of it is difficult to sense pinpoint direction from because wavelengths too small
i would say ideally, you face them directly at the listening area, or directly at a surface that will reflect to the listening area in one bounce
90 degrees may be problemativ because off axis frequency response of a speaker is often poor
referencing what
indirect firing them means you will get a lot of first bounce, maybe even more first bounce
that will make the source seem wider, and will create more mixing between ambient channels

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