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eggsalad: deep

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like, i think you get some form of the jitter differential imposed on the audio
honestly its more a problem when you have digital audio comm and converters, better jitter spec means less likely to lose lock with longer cables
yes but its maybe over or under audio freq range and its maybe not enough to notice
right pure sines would prob be the most noticable
most people dont listen to those
anyway, 192khz/24b usually just means we spent the money to do this right
you can fuck it up, but the buffer circuits arent very expensive or someplicated

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sometimes lower freq jitter isnt as good because PLL is optimized for higher freq, but hardly something noticable
you would have to know exactly what to listen for and have pretty good ears
and prob need AB comparison for actual source material
and my guess is the diff would still have to be pretty huge
jero32: pretty sure it sounds like digital artifacts, maybe zippering
and itd be waaaaaay down in the mix

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jero32: yeah good acoustic and manufacturing engineers do fine with a $15 budget
newbies or promoted 'engineers', sometimes you give them all the money and time and they just chasing their tail until its time to ship
usually a good sign, better converter
even running at lower freq

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jero32: shrug, you never really know with used mass production speakers

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old shouldnt matter so much, i dont think

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its gonna suck when i have to go back to hating some of these guys for lesser issues
kind of interesting seeing the GOP eat itself trying to convince everyone FBI and CIA agents are dem establishment strongmen

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that owl needs to go to sleep
rosenstein just said cryptocurrency in his GRU indictment announcement
damn wrong channel
i guess its on topic
ha @ rose thorn, works

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anyone have thoughts on cheap cells phones for 2nd number text and talk?
in N america
seems like good idea for job hunting, i ignore almost everything that calls my normal phone

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