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rab: its weird to hear kevin paulsen's name on cable news as a news source and realise, yes that kevin paulsen
oh damn she put him on the tv

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tecan-: hot glue works as led diffuser and lens
like, i will make a dot and let it drip through panels

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tecan-: it sees through the feed tube fine?

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to make a swamp cooler work?

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prob by the time i have a garage or similar cheap SLA or similar will be a thing

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no were not frens like that
is that fiber? and is that like, one data chan, or all data chans?
jero32: no on top
thats coming from inside, its not part of the sheath

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18:32:18 < GSRI> renesis: Chico, CA :: Clear :: 97F/36C | Heat Index: 95F/35C | Thursday: Sunny. High 103F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph.
i just walked 6mi in that, was nice
i spent the uber money back on blue cheese burger =\
k watch out for things
jero thats too many
impressize amount of gap and gooping between the inner and outer insulation

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rab: no tons of people survived
rab: half of the bottom story was parking space
they would use pipe with like 1/8" thick walls, maybe 4" pipe
prob fine except people crashed into them like all the time
so bottom stories happilly took a lot of the load
with fans you have to bring in new air at least sometimes because they will heat up the room more
are you looking at foreign weather?
but kind of fun
what is a nether

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the smallest a/c would work and if you only ran it a few hours and killed all light and power sources and keeps everything closed up, might be worth it
jero a fucking engineer, figure it out
rab: thats like a happy spring day in the SFV
he didnt
i didnt in some places when a kid
or my room didnt
i feel like cheap a/c that worked didnt happen until the 90s
rab: +1 fatherhood
rab: i just meant the skillset
im pretty sure i zeroed that shit out for agility and inttlligence, or who knows
wait bugs dont go high?
did you know: apartments collapsed onto the bottom floor in earthquakes?
actually better on top

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honestly when they work theyre not great unless theyre huge
like the 7ft tall shit they use in warehouses
people here either have a good a/c or swamp cooler
and people with swamp coolers dont seem thrilled
rab: and then bunker down during the day
heavy blinds, no lights
we used to hang sleeping bags or comforters over the miniblind rails
yeah just keep air moving
you sweat so your body temp will be cooler
rab: i wasnt going to even ask because hes basically fucked, why rub it in
jero32: does it actually cool off at night?
do you have a window?
whats your power bill situation?

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dude this is a town of 90k people
homeless people like its hollywood tho
with none of the redeeming qualities
like, no 3am street shamans
just tweekers
itll prob work

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i stopped using lights
they all get stolen if you leave them on

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that sucks

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prob a threshold for edges and some sort of circle edge tolerance?
yeah sounds like maybe checks for small gradient jumps and does some check against circle expectations
it beeps tho?

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yeah and then from there i can play with edge detect and other processing
it can do shape recognition by itself, no?
yeah definitely not, but ive seen it do corner detection, i think ive seen it recognize basic shapes but i dunno if was through another learning app
can go pretty far with circles and lines
ive seen demos seems to work pretty well

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but i am always annoyed at using gui stuff for batch image editing so learning opencv seems like obvious solution
cool, ty for tip
opencvv is typo or the cpp api?
right, so i figure learning to use opencv for all the cropping and color adjust stuff i do would be simple
and then prob easier than doing it in irfanview
thats prob what i am doing 80% of the time
or an older cam i had, i would turn shutter time down, and then edit all the images brighter
because crispy

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like, it might not work, but if thats the case pretty big change they destroy the axle
my bike was safer in a big city
*big chance
i dunno
ive thought about it, but i figured a lot of people would be smart enough to wear a mask
did you opencv with python?
when you were doing the project
*that project
i was going to try and run through some tensorflow tutorials, so i have it installed for python already, kind of want to mess with that more than tensorflow right now
i thought it would be fun to try and get tensorflow to recognize f1 cars in race images
and then do driver faces + bottas' cat turbo

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i mean when dumping the system
like a whole building all like glug glug glug
it wouldnt in this town
they would just steal everything else
to fix their other bikes
like today i walked bike path home, homeless tribes gather where dead end streets hit bike trail
they all got $2k bikes
sculptor: they would just use vise grips on them

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damn, thermocoupler reader was not set to off, 9V batt dead
i always bitch about the auto off on my fluke but clearly i am exactly why it exists
for what?
or a/c or power??
oh thats kind of cool
so you have city heater people come and change out the valves?
i guess not in the off months
prob no one notices
i bet it makes funny noises

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i dont think my thermostat is accurate
i put 76F but feels like freezing
maybe just because 105 outside
so they ended up completely replacing the minisplit unit when they fixed the 3 coolers and thermostats on one compressor fuckup
this new fujitsu even more badass than the first one
new compressors outside on little slabs instead of in the space between inner and outer walls now
probably a bum will steal it

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rab: from the kink in the fence it looks like this may have been a regular occurence

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ha, cat ok
got shocked i think?

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