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tecan-: you have to draw a picture

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what was his sisters name?

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this lid totally home defense spec

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cnc 2 year degree prob one of the more useful segments of my education

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nice hes got a tormach
kinda want

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mom got me iron lid for my pan
it has spikes wtf
that does not look fun to clean
im gonna get hurt
its the same as a tagine, whatever the fuck that is

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you can get box like that, and some of the screw in strain reliefs, and cut the power strip cable and put your hackey electronics in the box
or a metal one or whatever
power strip is trash once you take it apart
shit barely works the first time they put them together
i mean you have on apart, just look at it, its not the safest shit to begin with

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youre putting a 10A relay on a 15A circuit without additional protection?
with speaker wire?
take that shit apart and do something right
jero32: its in the sky usually
not a star
just makin sure
should not take everything i say so seriously

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if temps are red or oil pressure is low dont drive it
bad things

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kind of have to be close with TVS or they dont do much

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