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neat @ big level

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because its standard behavior
yeah thats going to run a callback when its done, i think
it might be setup automatically so you just have to find it in the interrupts file it generates and put your code there
tip for working with cubemx, i put *all* my code in a seperate file
and basically just have a function for init, another for loop, and then one for each interrupt
click into the functions and look at what theyre doing
the answer in a lot of cases is not much or nothing
its a lot more vanilla bare bones than it seems
and it makes more sense after you get in to deep and find a way out

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for uart stuff?
theres usually a few diff ways to trigger the int
also watch your int priorities
for a tx int?
you can set it up like that
normally i have it setup so it tells me if a dma buffer is empty
so basically i give it an array pointer, and next time i want to use it, i check that the buffer sent flag is already set
theres a callback irq function, ill usually just have like one line in it that sets or resets some global variable
but handling it in the uC is pretty much same as handling com between devices
every way you can think of doing it, yes

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found my dremel
thought it was lost for a year, was in the top part of toolchest i can never get into because use it as a shelf

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my best eclipse experience to date

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they soft clip because theyre not fast enough to hard clip
and i think it has a lot to do with output transformer frequency response
not that actual tube response, they can be setup to go pretty fast, they ran radio transmitters with them

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yeah its like vinyl
it has qualities to enjoy beyond just sound
its just the sound of less HF
tape is similar
tube amps dont really, in their envelopes
theyre usually overdriven, tho, so shrug

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jero32: that tube amp is pretty cool
its 12ax7, standard audio preamp tubes
thats how atmel ruled the market for a few years
id rather use that korg vfd preamp
but making hardware is for the rich fucks
maybe next year
VFD is sex
it was an idea
i used to troll other hacker with it
basically an opamp buffered preamp
like, one 12ax7a is the diff pair with some gain, 2nd is AB out
theyre dual channel so thats four valves

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jero32: atollic truestudio is free and 1st party now
i think theyre both the same so code is likely portable
keil to gcc, you have to change compiler stuff for aligning to words
shrug, its from st and seems to work well
i assume so, they bought the company and are giving it away for free
no limits afaik

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blackmoon: ya why
im coding the web in snek

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