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holy fuck
click through on electrovoice careers, end up at bosch

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we got mad lawyers and 'businessmen'
it works not well

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tecan: 3 engineers in congress
15 farmers

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the people in power are old fucks tecan
boomers are technically clueless on average, gen x'ers arent really much better
also, americans dont elect scientists and engineers, we elect lawyers

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synth sex

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100 max flips a day seems like only possible issue, and prob only for testing
prob not
besides that looks cool
oh neat it has override switch?
also ive heard of schneider so thats nice

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sculptor: whats input current like?
looks like 230V 1.2W to switch it?

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you gotta finish building your house

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dead_body: subscribe to his channel he does update vids pretty often
i think ive logged into my fb maybe once in the last 4 years
i only used it to follow LA drum n bass promoters when they stopped updating their websites

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haha @ wooden marble doodad
not a nick just my name

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does the old one trigger the new one?
dead_body: its phone wire
comes cheap on big spools
because who the fuck has a phone anymore

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i feel like i missed out
not on like, stock money, on a moviepass
kostix: nice! saw last night
you up late

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blackmoon: haha @ jagged shower edge

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