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yeah gotta pull the rtv out first

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RA pipe and RTV doesnt seem impossible to service
just use a big enough pip pulling out the RTV isnt difficult

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that could fuck shit up more if you drop the bike

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blackmoon: its still mounted on the side of the frame?
prob out of the side, towards the frame
use a grommet and hot glue
or RTV if it needs to be more serviceable
also i like 16awg, 14awg seems overkill for most stuff
18awg kind of pussy for external use
blackmoon: model it with a cardboard box and ride through mad puddles
put the exit at the dry spot
blackmoon: or get a right angle PVC section, mount on outside wall pointing down, RTV fill it

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heheh @ bike corks

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i was heavily exposed as a child, tho. boingo is valley myth shit, burton shit came after
the joker is elfman playing an antagonist or an earlier genuinely insane version of himself
only a lad and little girls
elfman and nicholson were scary and amazing because it never really seemed like acting

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i dont think this is sarcastic, and while hes not wrong about some shit, the guy is basically a well off valley kid
i dont think he dug very many ditches, either
yeah in dont think elfman in 89 is the same as elfman in 83
like, i feel like hes as a big part of the burton films as burton, not exagerating
like, i dont feel like he was playing skellington. skellington was elfman and boingo as claymation
scissorhands was johnny depp as oingo boingo

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I think his regression is decades ahead of my brothers.
They were all kind of Randroids in the 80s. Some of his music somewhat reflects this, although it is hard to tell where Elfman's actual stance is as much of his music is written from the antagonists prospective.

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jero32: definitely recommend the farewell concert, then
double album or video

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jero32: have you listened to the boingo farewell concert?
if you havent watched or listened to it through, i would recommend, i like a lot of the versions from that show better than album stuff
(i mention because its been droning in the bg for awhile)

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almost all my friends <3 ween, for some reason i mostly avoid it
im the one that doesnt *know* ween, except the push the daisies song
one day

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i feel like danny is combination of valley stoner and young republican
completely my bros scene, he was super into them when they were the mystical knights of the oingo boingo
'and it hurts my brain to think of all the stupid things ive said, and if i could change the future i would change the past instead
'cause im dreeeeeeaaaamin again...'
and then it gets pretty, and hes worried about the girl, and then himself, then he stomps out the fuzz box because 90s rock fuck ya

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i like that boingo song
this is the best one tho
this song makes me happy/sad on long trips
jero32: everybody knows this song
out of their big singles, i think only a lad is my fav
change is from boingo, last album, was basically a goodbye album
insanity was a good track, too
if only for the line 'white folks think theyre at the top ask any proud white male... million years of evolution, we get danny quale'

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