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not nascar, they prob got skinny lines per cyl
its pretty safe, theres labeled cutoffs, they got gloves, in like close to 10 years and i think one mechanic has been shocked
big plastic canes to pull people off a charged car

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Energy recovery systems were allowed to have a maximum power of 120 kW (160 bhp) and 2 megajoules per lap. KERS was renamed Motor Generator Unit-Kinetic (MGU-K). Heat energy recovery systems were also allowed, under the name Motor Generator Unit-Heat (MGU-H)
blackmoon: amount of current must be nuts
i dont think the motors are that much bigger than the bikes ones
like, one kind of mounted like a starter accessory, and turbo motors in the v
i guess the engineering drama is packaging and then coupling the turbo and the motor, mercedes figured it out and theyre dominating, honda did not and are last place for years

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nardil: put two in series, will be 0.1u

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tecan_: that statement is not random enough

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blackmoon: your ebike setup is two speed front with standard derailleur?

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omg very danger

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yeah its mostly the air
car pressure is like 40 psi, so its prob like having 80lbs on your finger
not great but not end of finger

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yes precisely

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axle is debatable
axle and suspension is like, partial
yeah but part of it is fixed
youre right that it contributes, but because of the way it rotates, and how it is fixed, its not all contributing
like, a 22lb wheel is 22lb of unsprung mass
but a 5lb A-arm might not be 5lbs of unsprung weight
you have to figure out moment of inertia, and convert that to a mass seen by the springs
like, on a bike rear suspension, where the whole tail moves on a parallelogram, the tail is unsprung weight, but the parallelogram links are only partially unsprung
like in racing, unsprung weight is the devil, and in the highest tier, F1, they run 13" wheels and huge sidewalls
basically they run 1986 CRX wheels
they are likely going to change tho, because 13" wheels have zero relavence to road cars
the part of the tire that doesnt touch the road that connects to the wheel
its the other spring in your suspension

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blackmoon: really wish that pack you got came in half sizes
seems to be the best deal
not really you can change the wheels
you cant change the cache
but yeah general logic seems sane
thats not true you just have to not be an idiot
not always
i think the compromise is unsprung weight
also suspension component of the sidewall
generally, in 90s terminology, sports cars are +1 or +2
you understand suspension, yes?
the benefits of it?
if you have more unsprung mass, the suspension cannot react as fast
thats it really
but its a very big contributor to overall handling
basically everything in car performance is about managing the tires, and unsprung weight reduces ability to control tires
yeah exactly

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blackmoon: i like those style straps i just thought his name was funny
i believe other option at the time was ratchet straps

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blackmoon: my synth geek friend called those girly straps
also that seems so uncomfy to ride

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banana and speakon are actual power connectors, some 1/4" TS cables are okay but its not ideal at all
spring contacts are okay for low power connections, but solid wire might have contact area issues
binding posts and stranded wire are usually fine
soldering is usually problematic due to bending stress
if you really give a shit, use speakon
if you kind of give a shit, use pomona banana jacks or binding posts

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jacks are an issue, cable is probably an issue
theyre signal power connections
depends on the specific jack, they dont have to be
low contact area in many connections
yes but it wears off so no
its a signal connector, like XLR
dont use it for power
if you need a connector, use banana jacks or speakons
gold plating will reduce contact resistance, which helps reduce dissipation at the contact
dissipation at the contact is what causes connectors to melt
yeah those are fine if you use stranded cable
rca, miniplug, and XLR are signal power

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dont use RCA cables as speaker wire

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its a boat
cool with water
my guess is the brake material wasnt maintain or was brand new in those vids
theres likely a speed where pretty much any solution is impractical
shrug, there shouldnt even be a primary variable control
use some weights on the wheel to actuate brakes
they were turning valves so my guess is its hydraulic actuated
hydraulic speed control with centripetal e-brake seems pretty fool proof as long as the ebrake isnt burnt out
if your friction material is used up or brand new, you maybe got problems
blackmoon: yup

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ship loses anchor vids always long

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that is awesome
did it crash into a power distro box?
there are like 3 or 4 levels of awesome here

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tho for moon i think something cheaper with PVC elbow would work
fender and grommet sounds like good solution, tho
or even just a long vent tube, pointing down, like 1" pipe, maybe 3" long

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rab: yea but botton and unsealed mean water from wheels
would definitely but an RA piece on the bottom
heh, valve box in my school project design actually has a RA pipe at the bottom so if it leaks at high pressure itll blow out down instead of into the gear it is next to
a wire hold fender? heheh
right angle

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