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half way through, fuckin neat

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i think thats what he means
heh, you live in a parallel parking city with little streets, thats basically how it is without automatic braking

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fuck all that noise
tho, the only accident ive been in on the road involved me rolling a crx into another little honda at 1mph
i guess it would have stopped that
tho other honda owner got out, looked at his bumper, shrugged, got back in his car
i like driving
shit like that is never 100%

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would like to see pics of them finding out

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14:09:20 < TubaMan-> renesis: why is the county ganking your pay ?
collectors suing me in civil court
but it looks like this was actually the state tax board, and it was actually a notice of them widrawing a withholding order that i was unaware of

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hes doing milikan experiment or something?
yay going to work!
i have to see if my paychecks are getting ganked by county court first :(
says something about oil
so i imagine hes trying to spray things with HV but who knows

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haha @ girl scenes

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