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i dont much
i have some ancient rigol DSO i got from timecop, and a tektronix analog scope with vector DSO module that i love, and works most of the time
also smallish portable analog tek, and an ancient tek mixed tube/transistor scope which has the finest of cleanest trace of all of them, by far
the very old tek compensates for amazing visuals with really fucked up rotary switches and scratchy pots, and rab says the p2p silver solder on ceramic blocks is going to burn my place down
i dont consider it worth selling
fixing the controls might be doable one day when im really bored
cant say ive felt bored in years

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neff: old tektronix
that prob works, my guess from previous owan experience is the software is usable but not great

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Yeah the ROI on overclocking anything is pretty weak.

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oicu812: can run longer at high output before protection or damage
but if designed correctly already, fan may provide no benefit and will create extra ambient noise
oicu812: if you can hear your signal well enough that the fan noise isnt a bother, it wont hurt anything, assuming it doesnt create problematic noise
if youre doing RF, my guess is your circuit has filtered a lot of what the fan will produce out, anyway
fuck ya

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macgyver0: heh @ exploded the potted module
maybe find a tube amp power transformer can work
prob gonna need to be a big one

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get a 22V transformer and run it backwards

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