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timecop: hes a pothead, hell ramble on with people for like 2 or 3 hours

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hes a thinking meathead
he doesnt always have a very complete view on things, but when people make points that make sense, he gets it

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you mean aluminum?
or probably aluminum-something-something now

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or you death fluid has become a part of the rubber forever

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cant stand pspice
on the upside, learning new shit with ltspice getting it to do pspice lab manual things
like, you can step part parameters with .step, then use .meas to capture some value, then open error log to find the measured value, then right click in error log to plot the measured values vs step values
who knew? not me else i would have been done with the lab hour earlier
pspice like half a gig, finished the transient response and voltage sweep in ltspice while that shit downloaded

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makes sense, eth been dropping for awhile and btc kinda been stuck
what about bottom?

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eck0: eh?
prius cant go 88 mph
maybe down a hill w/ throttle stuck

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