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pretty sure lead solder is default as fuck over there
the online board houses, i dont think you get rohs unless you click it

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man its like im so used to superchinese business names, i dont even see it anymore
lead circuit
took a month for me to read it as led circuit

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developers warn a farting noise might occur during sex if air gets inside the pants

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i dont think ive ever even used esata
damn that dell even has 10 key
really all thats wrong with it is it's fucking ugly
dells page for it seems stripped, support search is like this shit dont exist

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def looks low end, high margin
maybe this...
cheaper, proc is prob better, more ports
actual HDMI port
wtf optical drive, can you get something else for that slot?
i guess is ancient long gone accessory if yes
my main laptop is a dell latitude from 2008
its a brick, although weight is maybe points for the first link
esata-usb2 combo jack
i didnt even know that was a thing
i wonder if they designed esata to do that

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i am tempted

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