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blackmoon: https://www.amazon.com/Jamal-Activated-Portable-Universal-Schrader/dp/B07F72WH3L/
i got this, its kind of racecar. like, too light feels like im gonna stomp it out, but its holding up
pretty sure the valve is auto switching

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best pump

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15:19:37 <@BlackMoon> somehow having resistance on one head causes the other to not get any air
blackmoon: we have those
i think the park tool pumps are like that
the park tool pumps suck
besides these pin and sheet metal grate feet that are always failing, the reed valve or whatever that does the switching gets touchy
like, if you have a presta and a big tube where the air basically blows through the valve no resistance, the thing doesnt switch and it just blows through the open shraeder
the joe blow pumps are pimp
dual opposing heads, and a two way lever that switches air and clamps around the stem
theyve gone from anonymous acusation, to chrstine ford, to prof ford
finally theyre at dr ford, which is where they should have started

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