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we opened the cover and its just two semi open supplies taking half the 1U cabinet, was pleasantly surprised
like, would be neat to test them for transient protection response

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totally flat response, inaudible distortion, transparent, normal reproduction amp
well its funny because its just so not what theyre used to
its like when i got off a plane from los angeles to washington
i could smell the nothing in the air
yeah modeling effects
so there are models of cabinets, amplifiers, microphones, rooms, and you can make your rig sound like anything
some companies have made it so you can measure an actual setup, and then upload it
so everyone can have that model
so the big confusion is you really need a sound reproduction system for this to work really well
and guitarists are used to buying amps and speakers with 'tone'
so its like you have to pry the guitar drivers out of the product designers hands
'because it distorts, we can add distortion in software but we cant remove it from the speaker'
i totally want to build an amp with mean well supplies because of those matrix amps

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i think current gain is why there is usually a gain stage anyway, shrug
they work
but past +/-15v they get spendy
thats how a lot of them work
AB with normal feedback to little preamp tubes
tube amps for reproduction are pretty similar to solid state amps, except they have output transformers because crazy impedance mismatch
shrug, amps dont have a sound until theyre overdriven
and guitar amp circuits are effects processors as much as amplifiers
matrix sells AB amps to guitar people, its datasheet mosfet circuit and some mean well style supplies
guitarists use them with modeling and digital effects, are amazed by how 'bright' and 'responsive' the amp is
we tested it, its just a normal amp
its a very good, very normal amp

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i have to go to write dumbass dynamics homework
so far no bowling balls
i am procrastinating with coffee and throwing away boxes and not doing dishes
jero32: we left off at gain stages?
basically the high voltage is why you cant use opamps to drive high power amp output sections, so you need seperate gain stage, so all opamp is doing is diff input
you can do diff input with two or three transistors
and really, you can do diff input plus gain with that many transistors
so if opamp is used, its usually a cheap one
ive done opamp to Vbe multiplier bias headphone amp, mostly based on elliot sound circuit
would be neat to replace opamp with mic-pre circuit that does diff input plus gain
but then since no opamp, the design can maybe scale way up

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looks like a pipboy
you should put it on your arm and stick out your arm when its time to pay

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no more soup
i got a giant crimper for that
they sent wrong crimper and i never returned it

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blackmoon: their thing is for big cable sleeves
its like, adjustable kitten claw
works on pvc, not on ptfe
some of those kits work okay, used them at exjobs
mostly its how good the dies are
sometimes they are almost unusable
the strippers are fine on pvc

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does that thing still happen?
wtf does edc mean now?
ooh, that also makes sense
i dont have money to look at massdrop anymore so thats no longer a part of my vocab
wtf accessories

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yes i am sure i am not that
its like, mini chop knife plus kitten claw
like that cannot go in pocket

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i just imagine spinning this shit in some cramped space with the guard lost
like, accidently cut some shit had nothing to do with your target cable
the spare blade is the adjustable internal blade?
so the other way to say that is the extra blade is stored on the outside
i just feel like those extra blades on the outside are counter productive
its bigger, and its more stabby

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i dont get it is there a 2nd piece, does it flip?
wait so it has 3 blades
the ones that stick out are not automatic at all theyre just like, helpful?
theres like popout adjustable one, but then they have the other blades on the end?
i want that one i dont need extra knives

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jero32: right so i spiced an AB output w/ vbe multiplier
now i want to do discrete mic pre design, its basically diff input and gain in one
so like, normal opamp except no separate gain thing in the middle
maybe want

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dunno, audio isnt fast but it has wide bandwidth and its pretty low distortion
youre competing with opamps
also pretty cheap
high voltage and current
but for audio, you can just use very big opamps most of the time
you still need a gain stage
opamp cant do that in a high power amp
not typical ones
so now you have discrete output and gain
all the opamp is doing is diff input for negative feedback
so the opamp is competing with a two transistor circuit
that looks neat

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R2 has a fixed voltage, Ib is low, so R1 is basically same current as R2
its a good circuit
feeding that circuit becomes next optimization step
you can just put resistors but then current varies with output voltage
so you can do another transistor as current source
but then where to put low side current

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right, Vbe multiplier is the way, you can use tab mount transistor and everything easy
have to get creative using to92
jero32: thats not a real circuit :\
theres supposed to be a resistor in series with the two diodes
that sets the bias voltage, its a pot in a lot of designs
yeah you can make that work
odd calling those feedback resistors
you can thermal couple the diodes and find something that works
thats how amps were built for years
its usually that

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i think it has something to do with complex number domain
every EE who needs a job
mostly it helped me with the motors stuff
motors, transducer physics
sucks you kind of have to learn about the really real world
no more invisible wizard shit
itll run class-b
yeah not those diodes
heheh those are the wrong diodes
anyway, Vbe multiplier is the answer
the diode or multiplier circuit?
really you have to thermally couple everything for it to work as intended

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diff equations: this is how ME handle spring/mass/damper systems, kind of sucks, huh?
EE do it like this, now its algebra, sucks less, huh?
like, ME style is you put things into known forms, and variables correspond to thinks like mass, damping, oscillation frequency, all in time domain
EE style is using laplace transform to turn it into frequency domain components
and you lose a degree of complexity and it turns into algebra
then you reverse laplace back into time domain. its easier to handle a lot of random time dependent components

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in america its more like 10x that
anyway, what your describing sounds a lot more like our AA/AS degree school, and honestly the ROI on my trade degrees is probably better then what im doing now
but only because im old
if i make myself a robot body and like to like 120 or something, i totally out of the red
yeah im way better at math
besides the paper, better at math was what i came back to school for
now all the white paper junk makes sense
really i should take a calc 3 class =\
like, my major does calc 3 shit in engineering classes, but we never take the math class
man fuck diff equations

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my design project is a full wave rectifier
and i gotta to write about it
'diodes work. fin.'
yeah that stuff done i should have taken this course 2 years ago
it depends, a lot
like i wouldnt get hired for stuff i was qualified for because no BS degree
so my salary was capped doing engineering work, and only career path forward was like, managing labs and lab techs
fuck managing techs
'hey boss i do a good job and everyone gets mad'
i dunno at some point you have to live
electronics costs money
some people need to live closer to the beach
like, i didnt have the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for all the stuff i learned electronics from
CC was cheap

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same factory as the hakko ones
Swiss Precision Instruments (Made in China)
i should buy one
well, maybe two
at the shop you went to?
maybe they get shipped crap because little shop
and havent complained
theres those and clones of those (plato)
dude i have to write a report about two part single diode circuits

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every mismatched pair ive gotten was usable
sad that thats the selection criteria
acceptable level of shitty
not all of them
the ones we're talking about are ground flat
but the rivet is shit or something, because they fall out of alignment and overlap
the edges will fuck up on thick copper wire
i wonder if its just because they dont want to grind hardened parts
i have a bunch of giant pneumatic flush cutters
theyre like bad robot hands

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i usually have two
the big ones go down to like 10 or 12
got lost in move i think, sucks
i have big ones that have integrated bolt cutters, but they dont have little sizes and theyre not straight
prob because ive cut bolts with it
$10 hacko/plato cutters in 2 or 3 qty seems to still be the solution

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mine have exceeded abuse thresholds
ive used all those, they all work
the cheaper ones work but theyre touchy about adjustment
all of them kind of suck at ptfe
the standard multisize ones work best, shrug
maybe heat strippers
yeah as long as theyre straight and sharp
the other ones like, slice two sides, and pull apart the other two sides
the ptfe doesnt rip
rab: yeah!
frys sold them as datasharks for awhile
cheap ones are okay
yeah you have to get two sizes

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is free overnight shipping from arrow normal?
meanwhile digikey is like TARIFF FEE, BITCH
like, fuck you digikey you are american too this isnt just my fault
i need a stripper and new flush cutters

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timecop: you prob have to tell him some threshold voltage, too

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