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thats annoying

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pretty sure that cart wrench works on all their shit since forever
what and spend all that money on metal and shipping?
half the handles on our crank tools are ripped off from hitting them with plastic hammers
battery impact wrench, 2" socket
wait not for that one
2" pipe, 3ft, breaker bar it

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i just tip the bike on the stand on stant on the stands base
we have that
we do not have that
i feel like an impact wrench and a 2" or whatever socket is the answer
we have a compressor
i want to do it just to defeat all the bottom brackets
the one piece crank brackets fucking fall apart
we dont get good bmx bottom brackets
impact wrench at bike shop?
you gotta pop out the bearing on one side
what no
no they are always loose
its like, a bigass washer that the cage sits on, a keyed washer, and a nut
and theyre always loose because they set the crank tension
naw it just works for theirs

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i mean, if a bum for a 4/5/6 combo wrench, the majority of the bike is game
*has a
that takes me about 20 min
thats literally my job, heh
take scrap bike, strip down to frame, sort recyclable and non-recycleable
if its got cartridge bottom bracket, we leave that
because wtf need an impact wrench or something jeez
what do you mean hollow
right we have like 14" adjustable wrench, and the adapter dealy that pushes into the cartridge edge
yeah man
like bolt it into the crank splin?
or crank post? crank stump
oh i guess it is that long

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blackmoon: more likely to get stole
i can just buy something from work
just pay for used wheel and boss peeps will let me build up whatever wheel i want
can just swap out the axle on disc hub, clean up the races while i do it
that look defetable with needle nose pliers
if theres a bunch of bikes on a rack, theyre just going to look for the one with quick releases
i feel like they could just smash all these things and grab onto the stump

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not even for a tektro
like $150
i keep forgetting to get my paycheck, that more than cover it
w/ discount
should i just get a hub?
and relace my wheel?
we have them at work
i want a non quick release axle

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theyre $$$
anyway i need that with the long steerer, like 250mm
but my current shit is threaded steerer
so need new headset, stem, bars
which part?
theres like 1" steerers and 1-1/8"
threaded are 1-1/8"
and then like a 1" tube from stem drops down into them
all the cheap bikes
you have to get the headset out
right i want to convert to disk now or get a fork can do both
i have a disk rear hub, but no mount on the frame
i have reg front wheel :\

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damn should i buy my bike stuff
i was going to get new spring fork, headset, stem, bars
mine bottoms out
well i feel like i need to upgrade bike before ebike stuff
well i can get a 100mm travel 1-1/8 steerer suntour spring fork for like $70
disk and linear mounts
for bars, stem, headset, all FSA stuff, is maybe $45
i mean its suntour, theyre decent shit, used on OEM everywhere shimano and rockshox arent
its preload adjust only, for like $40 more i can get hydraulic lockout

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well right because trickle down as implimented is basically tax breaks, deregulation, and honor system
just tell us you will hire people and provide the people more of a thing for less money
something they can put in a new article when the legislation passes, no one will pay attention ever again and no company is held accountable
moon the impaler
tax breaks for the head of your CFO
you dont build 5 parks and 2 schools, CEO head goes on the stick
better be a good CEO
theyll be like race car drivers

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honor system trickle down is just like, what, where does that math ever come from
like what fuckin company goes, we made 50% profit, lets target 30% and pass it on to the people?
i mean it wouldnt be hard to legislate the return but _unreal_ would freak out
the idea is you give breaks to the businesses in order to increase community standard of living
that benefits will trickle down
you can just legislate what benefits must be provided, be specific about it
like, in theory or in our current system?
in theory theyre unrelated, in our system the billionairs make the rules so obviously no wont happen

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well, its not fictional but its not going to just happen when your companies have to make maximum profit by law
exists as much as government and religion

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unreal you know that those people dont represent the majority of everyone, no?
stock market is a pretty shit metric for health of a country economically
like, population could be ultra fucked but as long as international companies post positive numbers, shit is okay?
anyway, wages vs inflation is still fucked, probably more fucked
so right, business owners are just making it up by raising prices, people in general dealing with higher prices and not making more
well sure, neoliberal, trickledown, its just about letting public companies make the rules

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enjoy your digikey tariffs
and it would be over represented rural people of the US, the people of the us technicially didnt want him this time
are you insane?
he lost the popular vote, like gw
and the senate mathematically swings to rural states

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wait is unreal serious
unreal, the world is laughing at the united states because of president trump. they werent before. because they shit he says is straight fuckin silly outside of a maga rally
go watch the video, mfkr got clowned

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