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it just happens

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if you get it hot enough it shrinks back
like, you can get some solder really hot and just stick the ends in
but its a bitch to work with and it can wear inside assemblies

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enameled magnet wire?
i hate that stuff
actually its kind of cool when its like thicker than 20 awg and solid
headphones use tiny magnet wires to save space, its fucked

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like, BHO is butane honey oil, is prob what most people mean when they say oil now
thats from it being trim i think
BHO will be dark if you blast a bunch of trim

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makes me feel kinda sick
and its not finals week
maybe i can dab ejuice
you where hot knifing hash in the 90s?
mostly we just crumbled it on bowls
you got hash oil in the 90s?!
yeah thats hash oil
whatever the halflife of iso is, its too long
well, hash oil is kind of generic name for sticky or runny concentrate

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damn i think my ecig died
holy fuck ecig died
what am i gonna do

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i cant see it being an issue except when hitting a bump
and my biggest concern would it be swinging and hitting
like, first reaction might be to come off throttle
oh its like little turn screw clamp? i see it now
is that a clutched putput motor?
no i mean a lifan 125cc
the castings in the bike motors ive seen are fucking scary
oh, actual motorcycle shit
theres prob 5M of them in use in china

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or maybe one good one
blackmoon: yeah is ziptie to frame how its located around the BB?
the bracket itself didnt really seem to have provisions for that, just non keyed mount for BB and motor bolt holes
i feel like that would never work 100%
what like a little spacer block?
right or just run it in a liner under the zip tie or who knows
same issue with all the cable and the triangle battery cables

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i want to put thumb throttle on left but then i have to figure out where to put trigger shifters
either diff angle or way inboard
so throttle and hydraulic brake on left, then shifting with right
shit, i cant run a pull down front deraillleur with the motor mounted?
i thought there was a gap the cable could go through
my front derailleur cable goes under bottom bracket
what do you mean
oh i havent yet i wanted to get the ridic 3kw one
i just bought the stuff to redo frontend for now
then i try and save up work moneys to get ebike stuff, hopefully soonish
if i cant do it at school i just do it when i get newjob
2nd phone interview on friday, hopefully works out
then i can make like 10 ebikes

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maybe get one with metal shields
oh, shrug
just buy another tube
looks more like a thigh and knee issue
i got bars, hydraulic brake, stem, headset
v brake and lever should be here soon
no idea on the china fork and shifters
i bet the shifters are fake
hope they are good fakes
do you have a left shifter pod that youre just not using?
on that bike
because you have a grip shifter on the left, no?
but you have integrated shifter on left, too

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yeah neat
are they riding on thread?

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blackmoon: this week in lab, i will be putting a voltage supply directly on the base of a transistor with 100R in series
i mean 100R in series with the collector
and nothing in series with the base
fuck grease
just pout machine in the bearings
the oil flying out helps cool the bearing
yeah standard bearings are cheap
did the balls shatter?
or the races wore and it flew apart?
was there a bearing adjacent or just on the other end of the shaft?

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half ohm pull down
w/ blade switches

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Figure 2. IEC logic symbol
Figure 3. IEC logic symbol

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make a schematic
_unreal_ should play shenzen io, i dont think pullups are a thing
leds have one port and turn one when you give them over 100
unreal make a schematic of how you are going to connect things
blackmoon: i thought those were ganged switches i was like wtfmf

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chalieplex it

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same facilities as the immigrants in a lot of cases

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synth: how about raging over optional concentration camps for kids?
maybe at 100k kids or few dozen deaths?
i do, im a system kid
theyre being held in for profit facilities
theyre all going to be as pissed off as me
it happens in every city ever
it happened
they just moved more kids into foster homes where its harder to monitor
america doesnt care whewn this shit happens to its own kids right under their noses

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legality, but like you noted, out laws dont agree with theirs
piss off diplomats you might need to deal with later
its burning old nikes
makes perfect sense to the MAGA types
of course not it doesnt effect you
naw, i got more

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but he is having an affair with un
love letters was NK
naw, putin was at F1 this weekend
getting dictator tips from ecclestone
synth: thats the issue
i believe it is illegal in some of the cases
synth, its a dick move, theyre doing it because they dont like the gays
it can maybe justified, in this case not really because of what you said
but the reason, the intent, is because theyre assholes

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yeah, dick move

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