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magic chef mini clothes dryer is pretty cool
seems to run fine at same time as china miniwasher
UI is kind of on crack, just stops sometimes becaudse weird programmed cool down cycles

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ha @ deoxit all the things and sanding dip pins

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is he just a big robot or something?
megaman 1 is hard
dunno, was awesome when it came out
that and metroid were pretty awesome for platformers, like compared to smb
do you think mm1 is harder because the physics are diff?
never played one after another
like contra and rush n attack had the most similar game play that i can think off, mm and metroid felt better than those
is there actual accel?
yeah i remember it, but i dont know which mm im remembering

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those we game sharks, no?
was 3 the bubble lead alien?
whats 3?
yeah probably

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but smd right next to the parts and traces across flexy bits seems fine
prob fab cost
metric pitch makes sense for non TH, its usually smaller
thats normal
it stops working after maybe an inch
sort of unreliably kind of means it doesnt work
arent they about as wide as the gaps?
anyway nintendo are japanese, if switching to metric also makes the carts more copy proof or just harder to work on, win for nintendo
not like theyre an open source shop

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you lose a lot of structural support
and itll going to end up at the edge of a pad ring where it hits a trace
prob better to try and save money using thinner boards
a lot of the little TH UI boards ive worked on were like half mm or so
my friend doing EE for a kitchen controller company, keeps bitching they wont him 4 layer shit
thinner might actually better for multi point mounted stuff as itll flex more and unload mounted part pins
feels cheap as fuck, theyre almost transparent
i wouldnt trust it with a lot of SMD in large unsupported spans

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15:07:29 < jero32> cause its "hard to fix"
its true, also harder to route if you have the space
TH is almost like having an extra layer
like, with TH, you have the clipped pins to use for rework
the parts dictate the pcb tech level
if theres through hole electro-mechanicals on small boards, smd doesnt always seem like the right way

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blackmoon: it talks
the fucking warning talks
ya, talks
least my phone shuts it up when i hit okay

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ya i dont think its like that if you have money

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middle eastern music has more notes
they got notes between notes
shrug, they just didnt like the guy and that was an easy reason
if he played religious music im sure hed be fit
pretty much republicans

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i think itll be quiet for awhile
then hell do one and the country will explode
then he will deflect with some other fuckup
then he will just start using that instead of twitter

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