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cant help you with that

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i dont know who that is

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i got this since community college but i never use it anymore
i carry it in case reg calc batteries die

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jero32: im done with math classes
fuck a ti-84, i got a ti-89, i just type in the shit and it gives me the integral
then you solve for the constant based on whatever
if it does they usually go apeshit in math classes, but engineering classes they dont care
makes dynamics so much easier than before
concentrate on the problem instead of the math
also it defaults to insert instead of replace
hate that shit about the ti84

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it might be profitable, police donate abandoned bikes for us to recycle and build up for auction (thats this week)

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student union has a bike shop. we have a bike repair cart we ride to school and undercut all the local bike shops
like, $10 for tube and install, $15 tires, $15 to tune up your cruiser, $25 to adjust brakes and derailleurs, $35 we true wheels and adjust hubs
well do little fixes and pump up tires for free
mostly thats pulling peoples fenders and guards of their wheels and chains
this one lady had a leaf in her fender
local places charge like $40/hr or something crazy for labor
if it takes us more than like 5 min, we do $5 misc labor charge, generally we try and refuse tips but its not policy

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so you dont want to talk about the us supreme court?
im gonna go build up some shitty bikes
no more cruisers or good derailleurs left, just old shit and cheap shit
these are so shit

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100 years is not enough if people dont keep things moving in the right direction
you make people stupid, afraid, and hopeless, then step in as a solution. working formula for probably thousands of years

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everyone should have the right to vote
culture should promote education and critical thinking
it doesnt, so we are here
thats the point, you have to make people smart enough to see the bullshit
maybe things swing the other way, shrug
fighting apathy is a struggle

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torpedos sound very danger

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blackmoon: i think they fire, get it moving a bit (theres accel) and then before its out of fuel it detaches
to get out the way
thats normal!
wonder if the rocket or they got some sort of boost charge like a sub icbm
wonder if the big rocket even knows wtf is going on before the nose detaches
oh yeah, main rocket does flare up after pivoting
so definitely liquid fuel or its got some badass timing and the operators got balls

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fuck ya @ audi
his legs go where that pole is
pretty sure fast digital pid has been a mil trick since the 70s
according to electronics teacher in community college, they ran at kind normal speeds but with mad parallel data, all the bits
coolest part of that is when both directional rockets fire to actually get it moving forward before it just falls
looks like it detaches right after that
like a little tugboat nose cone
jero32: its just rocket science, nothing crazy

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