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mt: i had an 86 CRX HF, like 80 hp but it weight nothing and the 5 spd was pretty close
like, you had to drive the shit out of it but it didnt have any problems keeping up
CVCC head, weird af
they called it 8 valve, but it had tiny intake valves for pre-ignition on the wrong side
first time i saw the head open my first reaction was 'OH SHIT HEADS ON BACKWARDS'

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i cant think of anything else i would want to chase electronics gremlines around for
my friend has one of those
always at the junk yard picking up parts, things still going
crank sensor?
when does that happen?
haha cool

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everything with vacuum tubes everywhere, heheheh
werent those good, tho?
i guess thats right around when they were starting to figure it out
oh, lame
80s caddies were nice but 80s electronics didnt last long
like, those little light indicators on the hood where cool
gauge dont work
that sounds like my dad selling a car
i would maybe fuck with a 928s

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road bike would be neat but have to figure out where im moving after school
fuck a road bike in the bay area
find that grandmoms bike
like when i was looking for last gen preludes, there were two kinds
riced out ones all fucked up a dozen diff ways
and ones youd see driven by old ladies who aint selling
maybe the best personal hondas
the last ones dont really look dated
family go kart
i had a 91, lots of fun but owner before left sludge in it
those accords are still around
lots of them, survivors
they sold a ton but its still pretty amazing how many look almost new
yeah socal isnt a rust thing
socal is about mileage
like 80s american cars were all gone by the late 90s

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what are those craniks made of?
theyre aluminum?
or its overmolded plastic
if aluminum, thats crazy pretty
def aluminum, thats pretty cool
prob like a $2500 bike now

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rear derailleur looks tight
actually both derailleurs look like $$$
machined castings instead of bent up steel
like half the shimano thumb shifters for front derailleurs we get are snapped off
also the way theyre in the same plane as the steering is annoying as fuck
like you have to shift with your whole fist and counter the force with your opposite hand
on the frame makes sense for little lever shifters like that
but now, i shift like its a fucking car
and i shift my cars a lot
i know what to buy to be able to do that now

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if it looks like that it will perform shit, doesnt matter how new it looks, its like a late 70s shimano design
yeah stuff like that is pretty cool if its not rusted to shit
the old bikes dont really break like new stuff, they kind of dissolve
are those shifters easy to deal with?
i shift so much i cant imagine non indexed friction shifters
suntour stuff is pretty cool
when i was a kid i had those thumb shifter, friction front and indexed rear
so shit, i would barely shift, i stopped riding geared bikles for like 20 years
rapidfires were $$$
those are okay
i dont like them, but they work fine and theyre easy

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ours is prob not 2.2 some of the pivot stuff looks diff, shrug
usually when they are fucked enough to not work, you can see it
sometimes, tho we get shit so olds its just the pivots in the derailleurs gone to shit
modern shit has tighter tolerance and seems less fragile, if derailleur looks newer, almost always works fine
like, it could be 15 years old, but if shimano still makes a version of it, its prob usable

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the_gfr|w: eh, general rule of thumb in LA is if you pull a gun you use it and move because youre prob going to get shot if you dont
its a lever bar connected to a swivel that bolts to the hanger
and then it has an adjustable stick perpendicular to the lever to reference off the wheel
so you spin the lever, where the stick hits the wheel, you bend the other way, when the stick is offset from the wheel equally all around, youre good
ours is prob a park tools one
yeah we have that except our stick is a wheel skewer because we prob lost original stick

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at bike shop we have this big lever tool for unbending derailleurs
well, the hangars
blackmoon: fuuuuuuuuuuuuu
like jezus mother fuck, i understood this dont point guns at people ever at all for as long as ive been concious
ive shot guns maybe half a dozen times

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