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was his name randy since before or after he escaped?

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neat i saw umas boobie

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cant get much more legit than that
found in every school lab ever

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it triggered twice?
it oh took awhile
might just be some weird efault config
there was a spider under my shit
bike auction bikes so dirty

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he removed the tape, madman
looked like it was maybe their to protect from the shielding screen he was holding onto
neat, BB dac and a TL072
the piezo bounce?
its from the ceramic input caps

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tek UI are nicer and their diff scopes are sex in an audio r&d lab, but results seem same for shit ive tried
nice @ 2 sec white glue application
real ones prob made in the next factory over
wouldnt be surprised if tek eventually had their scopes assembled by rigol

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for quad channel at 500mS/s w/ 100mhz bandwidth?
says 100mhz @ >2x nyquist sampling
says 1GS/s for 2ch
i wonder if it chops or scans the 4ch mode

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logic level: trump supporter
cia agents arent called spooks because they have shit to do with ghosts
theyre sneaky and scary as fuck

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which arent exactly uncommon
in the jokes, yes usually being surprised by a black person smiling or opening his eyes
spook means spooky means scary, usually in contexts of ghosts
prob because he cant afford sugar
anyway, being based on common joke punchline makes more sense to me than, 'black people are black, and ghosts are white, so spook refers to black people being ghosts'

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its that or an owan and theyre basically same shit
damn, bent spoke
fuckin school bike racks
thats a spook
no because theyre black so you cant see them in the dark
spook also means CIA agenty
shrug, im just telling you how the people call them
and the cia doesnt need to be invisible to be scary
just needs to be the cia
i dont think thats true
its related to jokes about not being able to see black people until they open their eyes or smile

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16:08:36 <+jero32> someone I know wants a scope but doesnt have a lot of money
would look at usb scopes
owan ui is worse thasn rigol so i think you know what the answer is
is used okay?
you could get like a 15-20 tek tds
*15-20 year old
get those for $50 on ebay

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