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i meant your current one, of course
but yeah the module stand in the pic is what prompted
940 turbo was insane
it had accel numbers like non-exotic sports cars, and id only see moms driving them
so looking forward to newcar
sadly, i still seem attached to 1st gen TCs
such a good car
sounds perfect for your situation

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you should have kept the little radius on end ticks
haha, thats just a single click in eagle
the radius blends really well with the grouping curvys
rab: status of converting your volvo to EV and welding the diff
jero32: i smoke weed and go to sleep
thats because you need to maintain your levels
like any other psychotropic
the answer is more weed, jero
if being stoney is a problem, you can do CBD instead
answer is still weed
i assure you that you just need moar

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once you get that eagle is console cad its pretty intuitive imho
jero32: solidworks doesnt get weird until you start messing with animations and simulations
and even then, 95% of the time it acts like how you think it should
can usually do that stuff with reference geometry
rab: did you flatcam it?
want to try flatcam for more stuff
rab: actual design is really neat

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i dont like that shit
other hacker does
he hates eagle because he says he connects the lines but they dont connect so fuck eagle
i wonder if he did a timecop and routed with lines instead of wires, shrug
i think everyone did
did you ratline first?
might as well just scan in crayon drawings
i did a CNC pcb in autocad once
most things will
inkscape is the winning opensource cross platform solution

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anyway, if he access to a free solidworks license, and hes spending his time in school struggling with something he could learn on his own, for free, to eventually have less capabilities aside from animation and rendering, guy needs to look over his priorities
yeah inkscape would be cool for this
i did all my diagrams for my capstone project in inkscape, theyre are loved by all
shrug, altium is good but eagle was fine before they dorked up licensing
altium isnt really a legal option in many situations
eagle has a higher learning curve
so if your intent is learning, i think altium is actually poor option
right im saying IRL you dont get to use the student license
i need to renew mine soon so i have it for a year into real life
eagle used to be easier to sell to the bossguys

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definitely have to look into it more but MLCC has kind of been a disappointment for audio and instrumentation apps, so this seems like a cool alternative
get a design into it
i guess thats minimally annoying
i kind of miss linux tardation
i definitely <3 my deb vps
yeah if hes trying to linux instead of solidworks, hes a fuckin loser
i understood that when i made my statement
if he was using 3ds instead of solidworks for engineering stuff, id talk shit too

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i think those are still just rolled
so i imagine there is a tension vs thickness compromise
like, you can go thinner, but you cant roll as tight
35V/10uF sounds like a badass coupling cap to me
at like 25% that cost, maybe starts to make sense for typical performance gear
shrug, non polar, and other datasheet suggests theyre targeting audio

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i think so
im really surprised they havent done something to SMD the film box caps
the acrylic stuff has only shown up in the last few years so not sure if i trust them, but they seem to be marketed for audio, dont seem to have MLCC issues, and prices are almost reasonable
and acrylic doesnt seem like something that might go away like say tantalum
prices might actually be comparable to very good bipolar caps in a year or three
wima TH?
i like the size and SMD part
wima style boxes is the other option
but id like to do SMD electrolytic and coupling and just TH connectors
probably more vibration immune than ceramic
my guess is thats the wall MLCC is up against

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always thinking about it

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rab: http://www.cde.com/resources/catalogs/FCA.pdf
what do you know abour these, besides spendy?

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