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looks like pure cr39 doesnt block uvc but most of that absorbed by atmosphere, but blocks all uvb and most uva
but that shit turns yellow so they add some uv inhibitor shit so who knows

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xtor: material cuts down uv
looks like glass lets some uv-a thru
checking cr39

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no, most things come with okay mics now
stereo lithography something

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ive listened to a bunch of prototype engineering sample drivers, in a few shells, even bad ones kind of have same characteristic
planar thing
decent for the money at least
like, their $15 version of the ath-m50 is almost accurate
also they have this big in ear buds for $7, awesome except fabric cable is microphonic
also their xlr cables are horrible, but their AES cables are decent neutrik XLR copies

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i think audeze are only few hundred
yeah thats the newest one
they have one is like half that
so i should have bought them, huh...
anyway, theres cheaper stuff
im saying almost any planar magnetic
monoprice has decent headphones

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if you want to spend money research planar magnetic stuff
try and find some planar magnetics to try
you can wear them while working

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almost always, yeah, but its an easy way to explain the time it takes for a user to get used to new speakers or headphones
lots of them

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dual diaphragm drivers wtf
i wonder if these mfkrs have wizzer cones
other hacker says wizzer cones are fucking magic, rambles on about trumpets and cymbals
shrug, testing on a fixture says its a dice rolls
a lot of headphones suck across the board
users 'break them in' and if it doesnt make them feel ripped off they decide it sounds good

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they are mdr-7506 w/ more bass, but the bass isnt as tight
i wanted to love them but i only like them a lot
id be worried about breaking the joints
those tested so well
they have huge bass like beats, but way low distortion
look silly, but more durable than pivoting joint headphones, and they have a hardcase

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audeze were so good, i was yelling at people because sounded so much like monitor speakers
people yelling at me YOURE WEARING HEADPHONES
open is less analytical
youre adding room reverb
everybody loves reverb
closed headphones are the only way to remove a room
i think i have
i think thats what softy qa guy used at exex job
x is removable cable but i think they all are now
honestly theyre not magic

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open, neat
open sounds way more like speakers
everyone likes low distortion
frequency response is a way personal thing, but everyone likes low distortion and low crosstalk
maybe has to do with driver resonance
like pro compression horns will scream with accordians and trumpets because theyre crossed over below resonant frequency
if shes never worn open headphones that would be a huge diff too
headphones are usually like putting on a box

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this sounds better
250 ohms kind of high tho
time to machining more things

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where is it?
everyone argues about this in r&d
whole research projects, where to put the volume
ive never had a phone do that
i only had a galaxy nexus, it didnt do it
i still have that shit, needs a battery

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sculptor: omgno

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