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psychic kid is kind of a dick
rab: how come you are not running for senate?

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blackmoon: https://i.imgur.com/eFo1aWs.jpg
shifter plan
i kind of like it
then i can put whatever throttle on the left without interference, dont have to gripshift

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dying sucks
guys i want my wheel right naow

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jero32: wouldnt all the vodka squeeze out?
well sure because it gets it to your intestines quick
you could just drink vodka and some beer and try not to burp

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jess-: stop buying wellers
just eat the cookies

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jero32: its almost always going to be collaborative or at the very least reworked
theres a certain amount of shinkage that has to be accounted for, besides obvious stuff like sidewall draft and making sure features that require slides or whatever work with the machine
ideally, you deliver a model that is manufacturable, drawings to indicate critical dimensions, and they will handle stuff like scaling the mold
for stuff like metal injection, where the parts are sintered in an oven to burn out plastic, the shrinkage is huge and theres some trial and error

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