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managed to cancel a 2019 miami GP, then they did some F1 day in miami today
no current cars, no drivers, because today is USGP qualy, and the news seems to be that they stalled doing burnouts, broke down, ran out of gas
also they brought that butt ugly two seater F1 experience car

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rab: austin not systematically oppressive enough for good hip hop
jero32: you're just there for the paper, we'll teach you everything you need to achieve real ultimate power
rab: i would guess los angeles, london or paris?
like, i imagine if youre touring youre trying to hit those places, regardless of popularity or genre
rab: new american F1 owners trying to impress the seething masses

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rab: F1 commentator (fuckin crofty) says austin is live music capital of the world
neat if true

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jero32: alot of the tips that come with the knockoffs seem fine
an ops guy i worked with said hes been to the factory that does hakko tips, they theyre pretty much all same tips
yeah i would guess so, but the stuff included with aoyue irons and similar knockoffs look same, have the same oxidization resistant plating
the way a lot of that stuff works is the factory will make way more than requested, bin them, and distribute based on how well they like the customers
so the product is the same, but the quality is all over the place
i think the biggest example of this is Husky (home depot), Kobalt (lowes), and Harbor Freight leaf spring pliers
same design, looks like same factory, but the ones at nicer stores work a little better

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only complaint is non-stackabloe, but if thats because extra wattage, thats cool

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this is the newest version, UI is setup for production lockout, really annoying, but the irons are great
honestly in practice, i basically only use two temps, regular lower temp, and FUCK YOU temps for larger connectors, stuff soldered to ground planes
so the preset UIs arent the end of the world once setup
iirc the UI actually 'works' if you setup the presets
it cycles through like 4 of them on keypress?
i might be mistaking it with some other janky digital UI
normal 80s UI bullshit
i really liked the original fx888, with the knob

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aoyue 936 clone
weller is pretty shit, im my professional opinion
those can use hakko tips, which are cheap with very good plating
thats the original version, discontinued, hakko 936 station with a 907 iron

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blackmoon: mille-farad
you said the other thing
you were mostly right
RS is finally gone for real

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i wanted to do a preamp kinc of like that
yup, i had a job testing tubes like that

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just get a second transformer
you can prob just half wave it without a cap
pretty sure thats normal

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F is 60Hz
blackmoon: 2F
so ya, becomes 120

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VAC_RMS * 1.414 - 1.2V = VDC
so VAC_RMS = (VDC + 1.2V) / 1.414
voltage drop under load has to do with the output cap
Vripple = Iload / (C * 2F)

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