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heh @ buying baking soda for the gum
totally bought baseball cards for the gum
dad seemed into the cards, shrug

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is he the cook?

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macgyver0: ya neutrik has two covers, at least one is ip rated

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maybe, prob circular locking and sealed connects
i see a lot of circular connectors on racecar shit, the twist lock and threaded ones
integras dont wear out as fast as civics
the little accords last a long time, too
30 year old car, still see lots
the civics are mostly used up, but i bet lot of good chassis if youre willing to completely strip it down to nothing
yeah i think thats what it is
you can get xlr shell usb
and rj45
its neat because you can get rubber and flip up covers for those jacks

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macgyver0: see, some people will build cars for people like you
damn, google says cheapest singer is $350k
i wonder if you have to find them the car to rebuild
they redo the harness with mil spec and motorsport connectors
someone could prob start a company like this for hondas in a few years
$50k for some electro-mechanically upgraded honda, original look

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the singers?
it probably depends on which flat6 is in it
their specs page doesnt mention anything about upgrading the key ignition
thats the one they did with the williams F1 designed engine, still just a key

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i wonder if that works when youre dead
mostly keys on blood vessels, no?
so not like fingerprints, you have to bring the whole person
so id be more worried about some machine that can print out eyes and fingerprints from rainbow tables
i dont think they care about you
people that care about you dont make affordable cars
i wonder what those singer porsches do for ignition

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how is it rectified? just tighter limits on acceptable signal?
well it probably doesnt happen like that
its prob like, walk the dog with my fob scanner
omg this ones a tesla
rab: so the crackable ones are just some sort of passive rfid thing?
if you got bidirectional radio stuff working, the only way i can think of would be watching ping times to catch soft radio latencies
yeah but its your car

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no, googled how to disconnect the charge cable

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bc i guess it looks cool when you just walk up to the car, open it, sit down, drive off
fuck all that arm waving and looking at shit
yeah im not saying specific to tesla
i bet they googled it

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