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rab: https://abc13.com/politics/straight-party-voters-reporting-their-votes-were-changed/4556377/
why arent mfkrs already being lined up to go to prison

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yeah hard to give much more advice without know what equipment it might interface with

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if you decide not to earth the main PCBA, you prob want the ground signal to the sensor/tank to be super fat
ground loops for production systems can be really hard to test, theyre generally installation specific
is chassis going to be grounded?
yeah i would consider making the ground/earth connection at the sensorm if the sensor has to be chassis grounded by mech design

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run a dedicated, dead shield
the cable, dont use the ref ground as the shield
well, bond it at one end or the other
it shouldnt carry current
like, you want noise and interference to hit it and dump to ground without lifting the other end
well, you may want to address that loop somehow, but basically i think you should have i2c, gnd, vcc as dedicated signals, and shielding connected on one end, i would make provisions to connect it on both ends, and then just test to see what works best

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jero32: studies dont back you up
if anything makes you too tired to drive, including physical activity, you schouldnt drive
CHP, brit gov, and old top gear did studies on alcoholics on stoned people driving
all people drove worse when drunk
some people drove worse stoned
some people drove the same
some people drove better
not really
tracks widely known experience
some people focus way better while high
also being cautious while driving includes being aware of your surroundings
also includes being aware of the state of your vehicle, and your own state

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you should be a cautious driver because if youre not other people can die

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how heavy is the rod?
get a solder pot, tin and preheat the end of the rod, solder to big through hole, slide cyl over rod, solder cyl to a pad, either with a tab, or a copper strap

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how are the rod and cylinder fixed?
i would prob do a machined delrin part to hold the sensor bits and then mount the delrin bit to the pcb w/ screws
you cant mount the sensdor to that and just jump to a pcb?

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danielson: quick connects
are you going to solder to that?

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jero32: hahahaha
@ calc on rads
degs + approx + engineering notation, #1

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