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oh, yeah if you recut aluminum with coolant i guess it can all turn to aluminum oxide and get into your machine ways and grind them down
might me good, prob bad if not doing a lot of full table runs
blackmoon: yeah i think its just expensive compared to normal oil
who knows maybe also it is cancer
but omg machine like 12 year old, works better now than new
i should get it a mobil sticker
McLaren Mobil Taig
paint it orange

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its an indexed spindle lathe
backlash is only mentioned for the rotary table
if youre doing it right, should make chips
unless your machining something like fiberglass, ceramic
dust means youre grinding
too many cuts, wears tools, too much heat too
i did?
i machine pcb
ya i didnt die tho
way covers
tormach has nice accordian ones
taig got some rubber sheets
get a jug of movil vactra no3
its magic
stick to metal chips, but metal chips fall off. how? no one knows

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the machine is almost always your weakest link, when considering tool and part material and fixture
the guides
like the taig is dovetail table with some brass gibs to set tension
and then the y axis is couple steel bars
you want a tormach
the taig is really light
its 80 lbs, i think including the motor
its made on iron square tubes
so like, for its size and weight, it has pretty badass rigidity
but one reason is it has a small envelope
the tormach envelope is bigger, but not way bigger, but its a waybigger machine
its all china conversion from what ive seen
also gantry cnc arent really going to have same performance
like those max nc mills
basically conversions of what moon has
he has a tormach
more actually, he has the lathe 4th axis

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you dont want to cheap out on envelope
you have to consider tool lengths and fixtures besides the part size
and then you add like $1k in tooling
well maybe not
because you can bolt the 4th assembly outside the envelope
depends on how your table is setup
yeah youre going to want a vise, matrix plate, whole bunch of clamps, inspection tools, gauge and setup blocks
youll prob want a full letter/number/fractional drill set
$200 to $500 in endmills and centerdrills
thing is, the smaller the machine is, the more skill it will take to get the same quality part

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larger envelope, more power, ER20 vs ER16, 4th axis option, decent tooling bundles, a bit more like a full size machine center, less like a manual mill conversion
if you dont need the extra envelop and power, its maybe hard to justify
like a tormach can prob do steel happier than a taig
like a haas cnc
fully enclosed with integrated controller, maybe a tool changer

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prob use a vacuum duct system instead of conveyors
you like accidentally ignoring mfkrs

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id imagine a dumb keyboard without sleep modes would eat up reg amount of battery
and wakeup time seems to be the big diff between standard and cheap shit wireless mice
oh, yeah few days maybe
they have controllers, tho, and typical wireless shit will last months, towards a year, long time
little incinerator, mini turbine

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they set it up and walk away
bitches set it up and sit on it
i think it needs more locking and bracing hardware, but the design is cool
oh he sat on it
my bad
he def nervous, tho

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are you going to have a sweeper bot?
thats neat
coffee table that can convert to a desk would be neat
im going to start coffee

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is it as durable?
if it is durable and also looks cool, neat
i wonder if semi glossy because of the resistive bits, and i wonder if that makes it wear down faster
heheh, k

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taig is maybe $3k all tooled up, tormach is like $20k

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anyway, you need a rigid CNC machine can do sub mil steps, couple mil accuracy, is my guess

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maybe but you need to heat the molds and its kind of an art project
shrug, really depends on your molds
the actual finish w/ unpolished aluminum molds wasnt bad at all
then you just have to make sure the molds are preheated enough you can get all the plastic pressed in
anyway, professional setups often take some tweaking to get right, this will probably be worse

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eh, you need a decent amount of heat and pressure
molds, you just need precision machining
multishot stuff, mold accuracy is probably a bigger deal
anyway those home injection mold setups with the big lever work but theyre not great

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