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dunno if bots are setup correct, or useless
those wraith pack bots still idling in my test chan
been like >1 yr since ive logged into them, still working

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you have to make power like a square
well its needs square power
you cant just just the coil line power
*just give
you have to reinsert at an angle
placing the whole system on a pillow helps a lot
wtf bots

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so only 1000w
oh you said several kohm
yeah well youre not going to be able to plug that into a wall without a lot of caps
what are we setting on fire? i didnt read scroll
jero32: a few kohm sounds like he needs to stab into the terminals more or something
smps voltage ref

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blackmoon: nice @ powerlines top left
supposedly PG&E detected a power outage right before the start of the fire
neff: what they need to do are controlled burns, but people flip out =\

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neff: eh, go look on google maps
a lot of that area is a mosaic of land cleared by loggers
if you fly over norcal, both mountain ranges are like that, especially away from the foothills
pretty sure if they log much more, they have issues with tree growth keeping up
like, only roads in a lot of those places are gravel logging roads

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