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rab: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DsF3XarWoAAHyao.jpg
lost structures and the two ways out. cant really wrap my head around that

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rab: someone on twitter posting a pic of looters will be shot signs: Suddenly California liberals support the 2nd amendment #Campfire
district is crazy red, very rural, and most people in paradise dont have a lot of money

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and the whole town around me basically bugged out, like thanksgiving break but a week early

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a lot of people did, but it was early in the morning and skyway is about 5 to 10 miles of forest before you get out of the foothills into grassland
like FD went into complete evac and rescue mode, they couldnt fight fires for a couple days
basically 30k people trying to get out, 2 lanes, in the middle of a fire
common survivor story: "And the bulldozer came and pushed the cars out of the way, and we survived"
so it sounds like FD was running around cutting open fences, bulldozing cars that people abandoned
one of the kids on my capstone engineering project team got out, said it was crazy, hes okay now

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my mind keeps coming back to drives i took exploring the area
like, where the road cuts into the land, you can see cross sections of the dirt
its like, 6" to 2ft of leaves and brush on top of this mossy pine needle dirt
like, 'this dirt would burn' is what i thought at the time, and in a lot of the crazy vids, you dont see any of that
like, in the vids, you see a lot of the ground on fire, but in vids with skeletons and aluminum in puddles, the leaves and brush is completely gone
in photos im seeing a lot now, a lot of the trees didnt burn up completely, it was like everything underneath
rab: there was an opt in text system that maybe didnt work fast enough, and the fire moved crazy fast

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looks neat there
are the big cans right at the input caps?
damn, 600 people missing
starting to see numbers that match up with the vids
it was 300 yeserday, the numbers are weird because lots of lists crossing paths, diff levels of verification

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not sure what's going on there
those things are gorgeous
do you think that thing is somehow firing electrons upwards into the tube?
screen looking thing seems to be blocking nothing
huh, i guess it put the electroncs in the tube

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high gain phono preamp makes sense, big shielded box around the tubes on top
had to look that up, was disspointed by the metal envelope
looks like something that goes into a rocket ship

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rab: what are the things on the bottom of the PCB?
short tubes in shield holders?

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like, i would have to draw the little parts step by step?
i guess maybe scissors and photocopier

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ha, big
yeah totally
point to point wiring stuff ive seen was way smaller than that
rab: the idea of making docs like that without pics or 3d CAD is pretty nuts

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dunno about that
amplifier schematics are drawn a certain way for a very long time, and semiconductor amps tend to follow those traditions
like, old tube long tail pair looks pretty similar to BJT long tail input, things like A and AB amps are very similar, left to right signal flow, high voltage rails on top
the confusing differences, in my experience, had to do with power supplies
that said, ive seen assembly schematics for dead bug stuff, and in terms of assembly they weren't confusing

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sounds like an anti-static mat to me
pretty sure half the ones ive used were vinyl
the nice ones will take forever to melt

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*nehc top
*bench top

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that actually sounds like a decent bent top material

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my guess is a lot of that stuff is earth strapped besides being lifted
or should be

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yes, static electricity is electrons ending up collected someplace and an insulator keeping them from moving to balance charge
thats why you can static charge plastics, once you charge up some part of them the electrons cant move around to spread out the charge and d ump it into your skin, so it ends up a concentrated charge
oh, my guess is its to allow more intentional routing of ground

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