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maybe has two axles?
hmm doesnt look like it
maybe the outside tire was not enough pressure
wtf eck0 you rode it like that the entire time?
blackmoon: i think probably there was some trickery with suspension links and dually wheels
eck0: :O
well it kind of seems like next step is to come apart so hopefully that doesnt ever happen to you again

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oh, k thats good
the drz and something else?
neat you still have that
obviously thats not gonna happen they dont have branches
blackmoon: hehe @ what that's referencing

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i guess that makes sense, brake a link one one side and itll twist the change and load up one side of a pin down the line
or i guess link between two pins
omg, *break, *on, *chain
are the breaks on opposite sides?
are you home?
damn, ya good thing nothing happened
is it getting fixed now?
did you haul it there or ride it?

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shrug, allpcb seems cheaper, boards are pretty clean

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rab: what file format does this expect from me?
im adding to cart and nothing happens
zip full of gerbers
also its $43, i guess before shipping
nm, $34 for qty 5

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allpcb is crazy cheap, shows up in a few days
order on a weekend, shows up on like thursday
the cheapest one?
board like 4.5 x 4.5 inch was $27 shipped for 5
and thats normal
cali is pretty big
is that $12 shipped?

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oh, confirmed that mr chef 120V mini clothes dryer does have a temp switch
so it will just turn off when the drum gets hot, but as long as its not ridic overpacked, its fine

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well they pay his loans, dead guy dont

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