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why does the clock say AM not PM :\

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im honestly not sure what point youre trying to make
i mean im sympathetic, but youre just backing up that energy companies arent being responsible and maybe shopuldnt be allowed to regulate themselves
so you blaming state politics for what seems to be an energy company, local government, and climate change problem seems hard to take seriously

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youre that person
energy company blows up a town, starts a few fires, goddamn dems
other ignition source is cars, and its never usually a problem because by a road, obviously lightning isnt a huge issue when its dry
yeah dems are all about deregulation

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anyway, there were recommendations that would have saved lives
local gov didnt follow them
or just not doing as well as other logging companies
or losing business to other materials and imports
shrug, go log in another state
youre celebrating people at my school being homeless as some political win
plus no one knows how many people died

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socal its opposite
its entirely brush
pac norwest is both
because rain forests
thats a forest, unreal
theyre not going to chop down the entire forest
go look at a map of the area and tell me theres not mad logging

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instead of making the roads wider and cutting fire breaks along them, they outsourced opt-in evac noticed to a private company, and it doesnt seem to have worked for everyone who opted in
and they implemented zone evcuation to keep traffic down
so like, once they decided to evac the whole town instead of just the first zone, an hour had passed and like half the town was on fire
also PG&E sent out notices about powering down the local grid because wind, but they didnt
PG&E blew up an entire town with a gas leak, and theyve started other fires
and thinning the underbrush for a whole forest is insane
its inches of pine needles and leaves, thats what turns into the dirt
youre going to vacuum the fucking leaves for a whole forest?
anyway, a lot of agencies fucked up
but there were recommendations and they werent followed
its both unreal
but locally its actually a fuck ton of leaves

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and cant go outside because smoke, so dont use much energy, harder to get to sleep
air is better because rain but dark all day
ya im like 30 miles from where the last of camp fire was burning
prob dead now
like, 2nd day it got crazy big and only light was coming from horizons
it got kinda windy later and cleared up, could barely smell smoke, but i tried riding my bike somewhere without mask, sucked
then wind died down, got worse and stayed that way for a week
look at the map theres mad logging in the area
its a republican area
they had this problem before and they didnt take the recommendations

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_unreal_ voting for warmongers for time away from exwife
actually its nat guard i guess he would just have to encourage civil unrest
what current is that?
less than i would have guessed
guys fires are bad for sleep cycles
yeah because smoke, was dark like midnight around noon

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whats the load?
whats the attiny doing?
ya thats fine i thought you had an arduino or some module thing
right i didnt read up and am wrong
like 10 hours ago do you know how much has happened since then!?
yeah thats kinda askinf a lot from a 3906 unless youre running it in a fridge

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that 3906 gonna get hot

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i guess i cleaned a lot but not enough

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agree and agree
was supposed to clean over break
did not clean

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would only trust it to like 25mA load w/ a10k
i usually try and keep the forced beta under 50 for hard sat

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lordcrc: wont that drain the battery when its off?
oh true

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and right its not going to act like modeled PIDs, but moderling a dirt bike just sounds like a waste of time

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that just seems weird
like, if it takes long to get to the set point, its gauranteed to overshoot, so what youre saying makes perfect sense
usually you want to increase P until it oscillates, back off maybe as much as 1/2, then bump up I until it speed up a bit
resetting the intergral value at set point probably fixes your issue
like, every time i brought this up, two controls teacher, theyre like 'oh, huh, yeah that should work'
its not very easy with an analog or black box pid controller, but its trivial in a uC pid loop

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in january
guys been flipping out all year

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watch that first

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yeah it will fix dc offset
fixes offset, speeds up slow P resoonse
D can slow down momentary response and maybe help with overshoot

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oh you are not #cars
you dont know about gentleman, a short view back to the past
jero32: im not sure what that means
yeah they all have gains
integral gain builds up if response is to slow
the problem is when you hit set point, integral is still there and will cause overshoot
you can cheat and reset it, tho, but some pid theory conventions might not apply anymore

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if you can measure oscillation frequency around setpoint with very high gain, you can ziegler nichols tune it
shit works
if you use the wikipedia article, i would tweak the equations a bit so they look like normal PID equations, itll make more sense

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much of the time the actual values are going to be huge abd effectively saturate the output
thats how youre going to get max performance
as hard as it can go, then close to set point, itll back off or even reverse
its by design
like, on-off setpoint regulation is effectively infiniti P
you maybe have to do a check to make sure your actually saturating the output, and no introducing some wraparound error
shrug, its all kind of arbitrary
1000x might act like crash-bang on-off regulation, but that might be fine or close
shrug, its kind of like cat chasing tail unless you do it methodically

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like, a very 1MHZ square wave is moments of DC seperated by pulses of maybe GHz
yeah plastic and a lot of EMC experience
also quite a few products are lined with conductive paint, SMD shields
like theres a lot of shielded but the shielded bits have gotten smaller
well think of how many random antenna a typical home power system would be
a lot of dead wiring in random orientations
er, net system i guess but still same in a lot of cases
people bitch about EMC limits, but its hard to get production units to behave exactly like prototypes sometimes, and misbehaving shit can fuck with trains and medical shit
so some safety factor is prob a good thing

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ESD was by far the most time consuming testing i would have to do for compliance
you start low, ramp up, and fix things as you go along, then start over
thats still normal
thats the other side of EMC
you cant look at in it straight hz
the edges are like a fraction of a cycle of a frequency orders of magnitude higher
and any ringing after the transition will be higher frequency

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just clamps energy by shorting it out to gnd or a rail
oh, how well do, i thought you said how do
it depends on everything
like, in audio stuff ive done, we had much better luck with series resistance than with ferrites, diodes worked by could be killed
yeah thats what it usually ends up being if yourte doing serious methodical esd testing
when you fix a problem someplace it just propegates to another area
that other area might be succeptible to esd at even lower voltages
theyre like fast high energy zeners usually
so they will protect in both directions
diode only work in one direction and can be blown up in the other direction
and sometimes the circuit means you cant inverse parallel them
its very critical
spark gaps work
so basically everything is a spark gap for some voltage threshold
can work for or against you

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i think theres a gesture but i dont remember what it is

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i agree
i pay for cheetos!
not often tho there are better munchies
i want pizzaa

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