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yeah, sucks
so lift one side and dmm

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_unreal_: ?
swap one of the resistors
the only place it looks like there can be an issue is L(min)
higher Vout lowers the value, but higher Ton increases it
you do algebra, keep R1 or R2 and figure out the other one

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_unreal_: page 11 is all the maths
you dont have to paste it i already know the equation

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jero32: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1uZj7OujvU&t=100s&ab_channel=airloaf
that dnb

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actually he had a good album, mfkr couldnt just stfu so people could enjoy it

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well damn, he had two pretty good tracks
hospital says theyre donating all profits to anti racism charity so i guess its okay to still listen

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i mean i can get all noam chomsky on your ass and say race doesnt exist, but that isnt really going to help much
dnb scene is a bunch of messed up assholes, but no tolerance for shit like that, be arguments at every show
drum n bass, its like a smash up of street culture and suburban scifi dorks
nice, i prefer dumb and bass
basehead is another work for crackhead, so basshead is kind of an insult even tho its used a lot
'mom sad because i grew up to be a basshead'

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aw damn, turns out mistabishi is a racist asshole
no mistabishi
i guess dnb already disowned him because he tried to play off a pre-recorded set as a performance mix
like, bitch i can do that, no one gonna pay to see me mix

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