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install cubemx, install truestudio, load the project, generate the code, stomp out some HAL toggles and delays, build the code, burn the code
everything just fucking works
every time everything just fucking works

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yeah thats fine
maybe latex paint burns, shrug
not sure if they even comes in rattle cans
i wonder how those little solder bars are fed

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sculptor: every one would waste some pennies
even if it ignited its prob not going to damage much
well, as long as you dont keep spraying
prob better not to ignite it
i dont think its a hazard once its dry, is it latex?

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ha, they sort the leds with a pill spinner
yeah i thought it was broken for a sec
it was prob done by hand before
theyre running it at 1hz
yeah right after, i guess shorts them

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id like to this this is the same moment of absolute bullshit that has coincided with literally every push to reform this freedome for everyone shit
when we succeed at this shit, its tended to push the world towards better outcomes
its sucked and people have been abused and been killed every time, not like mfkrs in charge just handing out freedom and democracy and fairness for free
man bad englishes
*id like to think this is the same moment of absolute bullshit that has coincided with literally every push to reform this freedom for everyone shit

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poor is def a spectrum
hard to argue i wasnt poor for periods growing up, and living in LA was still great
no im saying ask people living poor in LA if its better or worse than the third world countries they came from
dont try to act like were not depressing the worlds standard of living to maintain ours
cant have it both ways
being poor in the valley, i had it hard but i new poor kids in east and south LA had it way harder, diff level of survival
same token, poor kids in urban LA have it crazy hard, but its nowhere near the struggle poor people in a lot of other countries deal with
its kind of lame to make the comparison in the first place to push people into that obvious defence
anyway, if our country is a lost cause, i imagine most of the world is proper fucked

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it was as much about black LA vs korean LA
jero32: the other flash point was a korean woman shooting a black kid
pretty sure that happened right then
there are good people on all sides
basically if you shove most of LA in a corner, it gonna bite back
anyway, things got much, much better after
cops chilled out a bit, gangs called for a truce, and the dankest of dank marijuana flooded the streets
through all of the this, the valley, home, <3, stayed chill
i dunno man, calling LA third world is kind of a stretch
we rebuilt pretty quick, hit by a dense urban earthquake, rebuilt again
ask third world people if they believe that

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where do you think millenials learned this shit?
who the fuck do you think built the internet?
is true
kids had enough free time to go, yo wait up
aw man, you shouldnt call them that
LA put that guy through way too much
that shit was about cops and pissed off poor people
simi valley jury letting cops off was just the match
that works

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