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i thought the little head plugs would go into the mini grabbers
the mini grabbers just have little solder eyelets and a round hole for wires
so dissapoint
*header plugs

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this mfkr
oh you are not #cars, anyway, this mfkr

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wooo zip car is back!

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$10 is neat you could buy a bunch and raid0 them
have you tested them?
no i mean the little ata thing
like does it actually get 40mb/s?
right is it awesome or junk?
it might work well for cnc pc
yeah i thought it needed cable but looks like it just squishes in

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i dont know
does it spin?
omg is this dinosaur shit?
i think this is dinosaur shit
udma mode5, oh no
i hate those cables
sata exists because of the global hate for those cables

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i think theyre just spendy because m1.4
the block oxide ones were more, im sure they can be had cheaper away from mcmaster

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looks like you could break a finger in that thing
that is not a cheap screw

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there is a switch on the side where you can turn it off
it was telling me it was going to eat me

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shredder's cap touch sense LED is blinking for days, why

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