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that sucks

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xp behind a router is prob safer than 10 connected directly

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so i didnt realize but i had the code for the prototype for this project on that chuwi tablet notebook that crapped out
i dont remember exactly how i handled debounce and double presses, other than it was good

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divide by conversion efficiencies, select parts
amp hours are a pretty shitty unit for this stuff
you have to convert to power anyway to handle efficiencies

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you need to use units i dont wtf that all means
anyway, its like 200mA
why are you using 12v he said 120v
you just put them in series
converion losses dont seem super practical
shrug, its 120 Wh output

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stupid i2c lcd is not acking
fucking scope and soldering iron is at school
god im sick of this group project shit

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also i have a hunch _unreal_ isnt going to be CNC'ing anything

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i mostly order them now
if i want like, 2 hour lead time, ill cnc them

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bouyancy has to do with density

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no no no no
broccolli > cauliflower
ew ew ew ew

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guys in nutmeg illegal now?
store didnt have any
jero cauliflower isnt healthy you should set it all on fire

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