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no fucking shit its not the base caps

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oof, clipped leg of cap near edge of board, .01uF, was supposed to be like 470pF

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well fuck him my lcd works
my leds are too slow
i knew those caps were too big
because they didnt buy the caps i wanted
or maybe not and its something with the long cable
all the parts are between two stacked boards on board to board pin headers =\
gonna suck some solder tonight

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jero32: https://www.newhavendisplay.com/specs/NHD-C0220BiZ-FSW-FBW-3V3M.pdf

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WOOO, always the fucking contrast in the end
no pot this time

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wait no
the address in the datasheet is wrong
yeah because in pulseview, it has the addy as the unshifted value, 3c, and its ack'ing and i get an actual stream
datasheet says addy is 0x78
it certainly doesnt make this less confusing

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oh now it works
i did 10ms reset pulse and 100ms delay
china logic analyzer + tek asteroids dso + jero ftmfw
and yeah HAL doesnt want the addy left justified, so thats a ton of incorrect examples

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oh i lied its like 300us in this codes
but its not responding to later packets either

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its in the part name
the backlight lcd works, so thats nice
er, led
i got reg hd44780 clone from same company, worked fine
i thought maybe because long cable, maybe because too much pullup load
but its getting through to the other side of cable looking fine, full swing
and the ack bit isnt pulled down at all, its not even trying
i can double check reset timing
but im pretty sure i got like 10ms between rst up and commands
and it doesnt get past addy
because no ack, so were not even at doesnt get the right cmds
also sigrok pulseview pretty cool

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so i got this lcd char display is like, i2c slapped onto normal hd44780 interface
bitch is ignoring me
i send the address, logic analyzer at the disco like, yo comm fine but you got no ack
i scope the lcd pins, clock and data are gorgeous, its not even trying to ack
it has 4.7k pullups
i turned the ones in the stm32 off, i guess theyre on by default
i thought maybe its too much pullup current, but its not even trying to ack
i know ee who forget because its built into a bunch of shit
its very potted and in a little plastic carrier
im scoping at the LCD pins, and the signals are 0v and 3.3v with maybe .2v wiggle on top
and honestly prob some of the wiggle is just the ancient vector dso
2nd one
part is for 3v3

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