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but i already know that

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its like, mofo you have been looking at these slides in practice for two days
he was just reading off the slide notes in practice
i was writing out my part on cards before, just to remember, while other teams presented
guy locks up, UUUUH, UUUUUUUUH, forwards through like 3 slides, mumbles, hands it off
at the end he is like AND WE WILL BUY THE PARTS BEFORE SUMMER TO BUILD AT THE START OF FALL, we never discussed that before and after, and obviously it didnt happen (it would have helped)
he just heard other teams say it, so he said it
vague updates to the sponsor company, last one 'WE WILL HAVE EVERYTHING TO SPEC AS YOU PAID FOR'
except thats not true, he didnt manage the project or help with budget, so thats impossible
like, its supposed to have two channels
but we didnt have money to buy the second channel drivers and sensors after they were verified as working
but in the end, it turned out we had the money
but it was too late
REN WHAT DID YOU LEARN IN COLLEGE bad project managers are bad

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hard to explain that most people respect black on white no theme slides with actual content more than default themes
"can you go to sleep for two weeks"
for terminal app?
oh wtf kind of trash... or right stu
snompus: in this presentation, he introduced the team, and did a conclusion slide, and thats it
no crying after
was literally crying after, last semester
it was a presenter
he seemed mad his early 3d model image wasnt in the presentation
and confused by the flow diagram

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snompus: my proj manager wanted to do a slide with animation for every requirement check bullet
so like, fade in req, fade in check, repeat two clicks for like 15 lines
timed presentation, slide was at end, proj manager gets nervous and locks up anyway
anyway i was documentation role, so i would just undo his 30 slides and 30 test boxes that dont align and just make one
in actual presenation, he has like 10 sec left, is able to say WE MET THE REQUIREMENTS [CLICK, NEXT SLIDE]
bitched me out for two days
i saved him from having to click 30 TIMES to get to the slide before the end

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jero i dont think you should call the girls used equipment

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why, they will maybe look younger when they are older

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thats where daniel ricciardos come from
we can make space ricciardos
prob like aliens

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thats how we should populate space
sign dis, get in the capsule

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right so go from output to gnd with a 51R resistor
output will reflect panel controls
and youll can put like, 10k across the output, its barely going to see it
a lot of generators have selectable or adjustable output impedance
im just saying, you can get it to work regardless

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and then
yeah its just normal load impedance
if you load it with 50R, or sometimes 51R, the panel controls will actually do what they say
depends what you want to make it for
but 50R is probably fine
dunno audio stuff is 600R, and thats kind of old hat, modern stuff like 2.2k to 22k, typically
guitar stuff to the moon, 100k to few meg
i mean, youre probably interested in voltages, not power transfer, so the matched load thing isnt that big a deal
a lot of people will just connect a 50R resistor across a gens output so it works like normal high higher loads

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