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desperation or habit

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In the American adaptation, Robotech: an ancient power source and foodstuff
it was also the technology which allowed them to control the mechs because obviously the hand controls wouldnt be enough
was basically a neural interface for embedded stuff in the valkyries
it was pretty much like the main story in non-manga akira, they never explained enough for it to not make sense
im not sure what the brick semiconductors are for if we already figured out dna biobots
thats maybe 10 years out

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prob seals okay without adhesives or special parts
but for smaller buttons and cutouts, flat sheet doesnt work
machine a button mold
get some 2-part silicone
overmold a nylon or delrin poke pin
none of this would be an issue if we had developed protoculture instead of the shuttle
and like a machined guide?
that sounds like it would work with standard button

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well, at all isnt really true, but shit dont stretch well, yo
rab: something that big, i just put holes in a panel, silicone rubber sheet held against panel by a thin plate with same hole pattern, that held on by the pcb standoffs
buttons maybe 1/16" behind the rubber sheet

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jero32: anyway strong kapton is thick kapton, is not cheap and not very flexible
then youre making some sort of custom bent bridge
looks cool
is it? pretty sure ive felt my hairs pulled by kapton
anyway, kapton tape is good for high temps
it shears super easy, tho
looks like there is a low static kapton
which makes me reg kapton has statics, to some degree
yeah what rab says
its an amazing insulator, so makes sense
but yeah, suggesting kapton as an insulator over a pcb with through hole parts is a pending disaster
point shit goes right through it, kapton is not elastic at all

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i use hot glue because its easy to rework
theres not much better for putting strain where i want on the cable
thats like arctic silver and arctic alumina
theoretically, no, because its suspended in an insulator
poor thermal performance and expensive
also either time consuming or complicated

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can vhb pull up traces?
capton isnt super strong like that
nick the side and you can blow it apart
its just not strong like that
scissors go right through it
its high temp and it has high tensile strength
rab: its both, you can get vhb without the crazy thick foam
but right, i would prob squirt glue under both edges, squish down, put a bead across top
rab: thats what everyone buys, like 1.0 or 1.5 mm stuff, mcmaster has bunch of diff thickness
also VHB is more permanent than hot glue

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super high bus speeds on a lot of that shit, random wires is going to have some level of random results
hot glue is love
thats how we fixed the hydrophobic filters in school project
NO MORE BUBBLES \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\/
i would still got glue that
does the product spec req a clear chassis? no? it puts the hot glue or it gets the hose

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Username = first name initial + full last name (EX: hhenderson)
i went to school with that guys kid
guy was tall
you asked
rab: done any flexpcb yet?
if you can justify cost it reduces connector count, its not impossible to justify
like, that guitar project would have been sex instead of hell with a flexpcb harness

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skill and dexterity
drop it off on the lab techs desk and come back in a few hours
pretty sure i ended up snipping the tape, putting the dome upside down on it, and laying them down with tweezers
yeah tons of medical stuff like that
i would try spec a membrane w/ oversized domes punches in, adhesive backed, drop the metal domes into the membrane domes, ram it all together
cheese parts

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put on pcb, glue onto chassis
anyway, mass production solution is those little domes
theyre just stuck on with tape
slickest solution is prob an adhesive backed plastic sheet with pressed in bumps for the domes
i think its just very good reg tape
pretty sure it was some 3M shit when i used them
you just put them on the board and tape, with more than a few close to each other, it maybe wants something die cut to work well

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looks like you could maybe space them 5 x 3 mm
wonder how poke resistant they are
theyll end up under membrane style pads
damn, theyre so small id worry theyd wear into a rubber bump cap
reset button in a sealed system is kind of cool app

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pretty sure you can order w/ spec torque, so they prob got a range of sticky grease
i dunno i havent tried them like that
i kind of like the big ones now
just depends how big
could use half inch tac buttons for a desk calc

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like, how tall?
there are those little metal dots
depends on mech assembly, too
alps nom

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maybe he is washing his face
with fury

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