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blackmoon: totally okay with this

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right im saying transformer fuse is probably negligible
between labor and parts, iec in w/ fuse is going to be $10 vs $1 after markup
the cost diff between panel mount and iec in w/ fuse is comparable
you can get iec inputs for under $2

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rab: it was probably about old irons, apologies, but right youre not the only one
you just buy a transformer with that shit built in
if youre trying to save the BOM
in bulk, an IEC input with fuse holder is way more expensive than a cable clamp grommet
my guess is prob $5-10 more to the consumer
right im saying you just but a fused primary transformer and wire the shit up
doesnt need to be servicable

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i dont think my hakko has a fuse
anyway, did it catch fire?
smoke isnt really fire
well, if it smokes until the transformer goes open, whats the problem?
did he leave it plugged in to see if the transformer was thermal fused?
shrug, guys in here argue with me when i say weller is shit
but this is daves bad for plugging his shit into the wrong power
at the very least you, but youre not the only one

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