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normally they just go open
and theres a small and maybe a bit of smoke
thats one of the things we would do do batches of engineering sample transformers
right but its usually all packed up so end result is wires falling off terminals
but yeah on multiple winding, they will always short on the edge
so like, if its a thing with a lot of windings, sometimes it burns short in stages
4 layer voice coils like that
the nice stuff had a non servicable fuse

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kevtris: yeah im not surprised, it just looks cool because glowing plastic and interior cavity full of water
kevtris: maybe a polyswitch failure?

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blackmoon: haha I can see the manual timer switches arcing through the plastic body of my china clothes washer when lights out

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yeah two pole filters will throw energy back and forth
single pole doesnt do that
maybe in a practical sense if parasitics are high enough
and decay usually has to do with the damping in the system, so some ratio of resistive and reactive bits
they cant store it?
well fuck the uk
when wasnt it?

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just throw a stick in the ground
scotch tape some wire to the end
zap ur bum
electrician idea is prob best

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snompus: ya
jero32: yes i think he is still there
he reminds me of my iranski EE fren
thats less exciting
lets visit him
#electronics field trip

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100mhz sampling, you might have to FPGA it
yeah in c, like you say hey i want this 32bit variable to have same mem addy as the first of these four byte variables
so instead of doing 24b of shifting, you just use the high byte variable
like, if you were doing FPGA based synth, thats how you would wire it up
long accumulator, sample addy connected to highest bits
electroboom just dabbed and dropped the whiteboard

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are there ones with custom wavetabs?
dds is used for radio signal gens
jero32: for arb stuff i think you might have to roll your own, its not hard tho
just lookup table and fixed point tricks
thats a dds synth
can make it crazy quick with unions to pick out high bytes, dont even have to do shift divisions

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i think its also a cheap encoder thing
pretty sure it depends on the keysight
some of them have the slow cursor and encoder skips
i dunno what they have at school, mix of diff models, ages
yeah i dont think ours are that sexy
the signal gen def isnt that sexy, but it does lots of cool stuff
with 100mhz sampling, sure

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a lot of them could get away with logic analyzers anyway

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