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weird software

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i once wandered into a shop had a big gantry version
they would do like, stackups of 1' thick foam, shop full of random foam things, all ridiculous big
probably movie prop stuff

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fuck your god and unrelated pagan symbols

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synth: i dont trust under 10k feedback for random shit like that
my assumption is basically the megastores literally dont have the time to fuck around with shit like that, they move so much product

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shit like that, i just go with the seller has like 50k feedback, havent really had issues
mfkrs making too much money to have time for drama like that

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this is why i dont watch dave

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yeah sounds like xmas in socal like last year w/o tamales

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ya i dunno wtf the water soluble lube actually is
maybe actually a super light grease, shrug
dish soap basically make a steel eating snow

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if the acrylic chips melt and youre not done, the work and tool can fuse together, big mess
and if the tool catches, it can crack the acrylic pretty fast
so you just want to make little shavings, not so much force
like, you either have to go in and out fast, before melting can happen, and get lucky with catching and cracking
or just go slow w/ coolant
and you have to gold the work really well, to keep the tool from catching and making big cracks
like, clamping to wood, and drilling through into wood works okay for me
*hold the work

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its flat head?
regular HSS drill bit is fine, but you probably want coolant
dish soap was a machinist professors trick
it kind of makes a snow, obvious very be careful around steel tooling
water soluble lubricants are an option, but maybe arent great for acrylic finish, i havent had an issue with rustlick
you need a countersink bit that matches the angle of the head
its 90 deg for metric, something else for imperial
82 degrees
like, you cant really fake a 4-40 into an M3 if its flat head, there will be a gap
like, most the IEC inputs are 90 degree, metric
yeah dish soap works because reduces friction a lot

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in this case i think fraying edges might help the cables
but who knows

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like, compressing composites with threads kind of powders it
like, if its drilled and mounted, i would use washers
thats fr2?
i would have guessed steel
im still kind paranoid about the cable-in-masonry thing

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eh thats just how machining composites looks
G10 is kind of the same, theres always some crazing/delaminating right around the machining
so many plastic electrical boxes
carbon fiber looks kind of same around machined features
really well done finish machining, you just have to look really close, normal drilling theres usually chipped edges and visible seperation
screw threads pull apart layers

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tortillas without moisture wont pass vibration tests
yeah but the copper keeps it from falling apart
got it down to 1 px, nice

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screw, turn the screw until shit is flat
you can do better than that
rise is too slow on that, you got like two px of curve
wiggle the trimmer screwdriver
i wonder if some FR2 actually exceeds fr2 min specs
looks like a harder matrix resin
i feel like it is a huge improvement versus waxed paper
tortillas get moldy

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heat/moist cycling sounds like a neat environmental test

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how is it a downgrade?
Al plate is perfect
sag is almost a design benefit, it insulates from masonry, maybe that shit gets warm in summer
yeah but thermal conductivity helps the psu
maybe, they derate at not much more than room temp
shrug, sag, deflect, same same, there is bendy strain
or older stuff

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its different when its a monetary transaction
those women werent showing up and making you wash dishes
i guess i should look at the dji or nasdaq or something
damn, that shit looks bad no matter how far you zoom out

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that doesnt rhyme yo
xmas used to mean tamales
but not as much lately
you gotta earn them by running away from angry mexican women with wooden spoons
you cant take the spoon, shit goes off
youre still the one running away

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like you were mailing yourself?
you can just fuck with the mail headers, no?

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i guess i should continue cleaning my place
kind of happy about not being home for xmas
oh youre just going to use the daisy out to boop a watchdog?

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oh nice
yeah they start derating at 40C
dont know enough about them to know what youre saying =\

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im not sure shorting a loose wire to earth is bad
those mean wells dont care if you short them
shit works
they hickup, so i dunno if constant is a good description
if the mean well starts blinking, you done fucked up something
its LRS, no?
oh rsp

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most iof my experience is with old shit and china shit, shrug
like, too moist and turns to much
to dry and it frays around mount holes
and the shit will smolder at semiconductor operational temps
cheapest amp boards are single sided FR2
always discolored around vregs and output stages
dont bring that shit up
i bet

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i think an earthed aluminum plate, with thick washers to offset from ceiling a bit, best for thermal transfer, otherwise G10/FR4 prob better long term than FR2
g10 doesnt completely go to shit mechanically if it starts delaminating
shit burns
its just flame resistant versus like, cardboard

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yeah in that case im guessing non conductive and cheap is the goal
you want conductive, ideally non-flammable
cmon i can machine 6061 Al in my kitchen
the chassis of the psu are supposed to be earthed, so i would just see big mounting plate as an extension of that
right, its continuous with the chassis

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G10 is great for fixtures because non conductive
well itll end up outward because air rising up, bumping against it, falling out vents
like, an air gap between the plate would help a few way
wont be influenced by masonry temp as much, and will make buying screws for mounting the psu to it easier
dont need flats

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that sounds good, big heat spreader
way easier to mount
you gotta watch screw lengths on those
rab: like theyre made to blend with the dust?
i bet the ridges on the blade edges actually make a diff
yeah looks low
they prob barely move air but honestly convection will prob be fine if the chassis is open enough
it burns
and it doesnt move heat
you guys dont have mad 6061 everywhere?
like a 2mm plate is prob cool
G10 will still burn and it still doesnt move heat

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i love those
mount flush to aluminum box, ideally openings above and below psu height
its prob fine either way if you dont cover the vent slots
they derate pretty low temp, tho
upside down, new air more likely to get to the hot bits faster
is the box open?
so like, in open space? normal ambient air?
wow @ inaudible 40mm fan i wanna hear those

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could use whiteboards as targets

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i just saw the ordering today line
i wonder if youtube has caliper ax throwing
im just getting reg axes and brakes

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both mine are dials because digi calipers are spendy or shitty after a couple years
i think theyre pretty much all the same its just how close stuff is machined
fuckin school, mostly has vernier calipers
like, cmon really
doesnt even come with an rs232 connector
sculptor you are picking stuff now?
isnt xmas tomorrow?
i should call grandma
are there cheap digi calipers actually come with an rs232 connector?
like, besides the pads

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thats what every lab i worked in ended up using
the battery doors fall off the spendy ones, too
and you put them on gauge blocks and they say whats printed on the side, shrug
i have mititoyos, i use them once a year or so
usually when i cant find my hoopty calipers
SPI, swiss precision instruments, made in china, end stop broken off, somehow the needle is like 35deg off centered, has grease and oil all in the the rack teeth and every other crevice
still shows dead on with gauge blocks and shanks

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should have two calipers
like, some nice inspection ones you almost never use
and some whatever shit to kick around the shop or lab or home
those arent bad
the cheapo calipers will usually look fine on gauge blocks
how old?
embedded + machining = robutts
ann things
give her the arduino shit

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