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pretty sure cheapest shit that will pass safety compliance is double insulated wire, approved switch, transformer with fused primary
not sure but i think making sure the transformers eat shit without catching fire is part of the self certification thing
i feel like lamps should be illegal
how the fuck is zipline in random fragile metal tubing a legal thing

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depends on the load and safety factor on the parts
for example if cap is too small, there will be a lot of ripple current, could overheat the cap
if the diodes are too small, it could burn them up
if the transformer is too small, the secondary can burn up, but you could probably smell that
the diodes are usually in a potted bridge, those can burn up without looking too diff on the outside
if its just four diodes, you would probably see it if they burned
if you see absoluytely no voltage on the secondary side, you probably blew a fuse inside the transformer, probably not servicable

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theyre just smart TV without the TV, no?
yeah having a consistent interface thats dealing with a customer base would definitely be a plus
i have a smart TV for a monitor, ive never used that shit, its never seen the internet
my mom loves hers tho
she sucks at computer
yeah if a had a place that wasnt one big giant room maybe i would care more

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like, those tv streaming sites are weird, stopped watching tv because commercials, shit makes me feel like a zombie without a dvr
oh i would try it for that if i had a job
do you have like, dentures?
i dont really know diff between those things
wtf windy

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thats a funky little box
speaking of losing all of ones teeth, i should see a dentist
like, 5 years ago one showed me xray like, YOUR WISDOM TEETH ARE SIDEWAYS!
thats a tv tuner?
oh thats kinda cool i guess
$33 is kind of crazy, i havent watched local tv in like 20 years

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racoons are like cats who dont give a fuck anymore, but stronger
i dunno if flybackl meands phone like, android, or phone like, place the handset on the transducer based modem

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totally remembering rogue/gambit cover
they did the colors with computers
i felt so conflicted
anyway, he ate them all
they have stripes
nobody rides buffalos
or any cats
yeah because cats value freedom
cats have self worth, and they can remember well enough to try different things
cats live in an animal world where all the other animals are fucking stupid
racoons are bad

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like, jag accel is limited by how big and heavy the fucking knob is
was consistent enough the prof could just throw the giant knob and let go, and the machine would stop few mil from his zero target
i have no old things
i am about to throw away a bunch of almost-old things
i had old comic books
but then a kid at thje group home chewed on a lot
and then my asshole cat pissed on the rest
yeah i dunno blackmoon
no i lent them to the girl
but somehow he got them and ate them
was all xtitles and the maxx
maybe ones with rogue

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most old cnc like that will eat files as rs232
like, floppy was the fancy option
just mdi all the things
manual data input
its like, gcode console
the keyboard switches on those things are really nice
like, they switched to membrane pads before keyboards got real cheap
is usuallym, clickey keys, and big giant jog knob

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for knitting and weaving
rab: did you see jansen linkage dc motor half-drivetrain?
other than sand i cant think of any use for it other than it would prob be funny to POV
single crank style, it actually seems sand optmized, like it sticks it back foot where the front foot would push the sand

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