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i have like two, maybe three tiva cortex-m launchpads
because school
i dont like them very much but they work
so i wanted to blow them up or something
damn i have so many IC i didnt know i have
wtf is adp3050ar
pwm reg, neat

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timecop: how come there arent 64b ARM Cortex
also i need some sort of destructuve project for these tiva cortex m bullshits

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and yes, read tons of reviews, download the software first or try and find alternative software that works
this stuff is starting to be used for inspection more so some of it isnt total shit
its like, functional usable shit
dont need a ton of frames for inspection
but yeah a lot of times i would just move the scope aside and eyeball the work and then inspect with usb scope
anyway that suction cup base is funny
you know that shit gonna have soldering iron scars after a few uses

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with the stage and clips
that is kind of what you want, maybe some cheaper stand-in
unobstructed working area
you can flip them backwards, maybe with some ballast on the base, and fit huge assembies underneath
same idea, you can usually flip those around so the base is the other way
like, if you get a nice one of those, and the software isnt shit, theyre kind of cool
im not recommending that one, or any one

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if not its because like 1000 hp of turbo
and the turbo hybrids kind of have that sorted
prob too spendy too show up on normal people cars for a long time :(
you dont really want a setup like that

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you want high resolution, not high magnification, so usb scopes that work are more spendy
for smd soldering im pretty sure i was always between 20x and 40x, and could barely work at 40x
like, you need the resolution in one tiny area, and enough viewing space youre not random stabbing shit with the iron tip trying to locate it
a zoom wide button like trace locator on an analog oscilloscope would be neat feature
latency sucks but you can learn to deal with it :\
car throttles have bad latency, people still drive okay, mostly
mil drones have crazy latency, shit still blows up

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more aerodynamic
probably easier on pockets

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i need a bot that pushes the HI/LO cap touch button on my heater to pwm it about 50%
slimjim bot
so this thing is smart enough to keep its fan on for like 5 seconds after you turn it off to slow cool the element
but if you tip it over it just freaks out and turns off
why not just turn the element off and do the fan countdown timer thing
maybe because that is scarier for people
or i guess not to slow cool it, like to keep it from burning up everything else

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honestly i think datasheets should mostly just be specs, and application information should be in application notes
its nice if they put an app note at the end
if its complicated at all it should be written clearly in a pretty consistent manner
info in datasheets is often just dropped in random places with like no contextual information
they would be doing what wed be doing if we still had chip fabs and factories
its like 95% junk
mostly works, tho
in china, everybody is maxim

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i dunno i dont think it always works like that
jero32: honestly i feel like the 95% figure damn near everything out, then the 5% just model and optimize it
repackage for mass consumption
like, the thing the 5% are given as project come from the 95% bitching about how they do it like but its too big or whatever
mfkrs gotta ship they dont got time
the figure it out one is often way cheaper

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or that 95% of EE makes things, and 5% make little parts
also consider that most components arent cutting edge
not rly?
i mean you made me think about it, and thats literally all it is
i bet a lot of those farmers can cook
maybe just one thing, tho, heh
no connecting building materials is a civil engineering thing, but architecture is basically what to connect where

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