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wtf are these things

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shit works
chipset maybe doesnt support it
yeah not easy without schematics

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not like tea

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are you depressed or in love?
that sucks hope you figure it out
there was this toilet cleaning robot vid, im like, what cleans the toilet cleaning robot
toilet cleaning robot cleaning robot
i bet thats true

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snompus: chamomile tea
srs, thats all it takes
jero32: actually 8 seconds
but maybe its faster warm
genetics and evolution
i dont want to clean the bathroom more

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the tek has tracking cursor and decent mem, better trigger options
i dont think the rigol has a roll mode
roll mode is pimp
(where trace just sticks to the right side and trails signal)
not enough
cars have that shit
shrug, poking the scope around just a new scope thing
if scope has averaging and decent trigger shit im pretty happy
im not even sure if i can one-shot this rigol
like, i took it to school capstone project room because if it got stole i wouldnt care too much

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no my shit doesnt have color
and the encoders are probably scanned 5 times a second
my bad, mine is ds5022me
says 25mhz, i believe it
my rigol was timecops, but i did a pcb for him in dicktrace like 100 years ago for it
if im at home i use my tek vector graphics dso, if im going somewhere, i take the rigol hoopty

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probably something bouncing around sinde there
people just arent going to turn it off if they dont
my rigot is worse than yours

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i have a scope as old as me, i turn that shit on, use it to check on thing, and turn it off again
the crt?
no i mean wait on second
about 45 sec
thats the amount of time to get it off the shelf and plug it in
10 seconds
power up to vector graphics DSO
they did this shit without pixels, jero, and it only took 10 seconds
honestly over its lifetime, its maybe 90% reliable, but in the last few years, 100%

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when does he jump
jero32: obviously fake w/ green screen, they left the stereo mics in the shot

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anyway, avrstudio was awesome because shit always just worked
i thought there was a change to that, tho i have no idea, im prob wrong
basically stm32 1st party shit feels like atmel/avrstudio felt 10+ years ago
maybe thats why theyre so expensive

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and when i found avr-isp2, it did similar shit
or like its bit banged slow-usb shit?
shrug, i give fuck all if it works
why do they give you the wrong header
right but why they being dicks just cut up the dual rows
maybe they fucked up at cutting dual rows too much
werent arduinos originally bitbanged on a 2nd avr?

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why fake?
how fake?
anyway my cheesy stm32 programmer worked same as st one
and the only reason to buy one is that its smaller than an $8 disco, which includes a programmer
my $10 china-usb logic analyzer just worked
$3 china stm32f0 breakout, worked
$4 china cp2102 board, worked
$5 avr programmer? failed, try alt driver, fails different, reinstall, fails new way

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wtf is eznet

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avrstudio used that for c programming, maybe atmel studio too
you just text editor and use avrdude or some similar shit?
i have that programmer
atmel studio did not like it, but i think there was just some usb driver conflict
and that wont do the sot23 chips
i guess debugwire died

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afaik flipping fuses to turn reset into GPIO turns them into OTP devices
shrug, $.34 for every fuckup isnt too bad
you could always dev on a larger chip and just move it over to the smaller one
do you use atmel studio?
sure, the ebay programmers just try and look like atmel 1st party programmers
winavr was the gcc for avr thing?

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holy shit this TPI programming thing is spendy
$30 on ebay
honestly thats what killed it for me, programming avr became a usb driver nightmare and most my programmers stopped working without drama
thats cheapest i could find
they all do that
and thats fine for an AVR

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three io, no clock or reset?
$0.34 isnt bad

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_unreal_: perfect for SMD w/ conical tip
haha @ stand

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