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ideally with the esp8266 doing the data ascii repack and format
lunix/router with rs232?
i think it can do that
i just want to try and use it for turning C structs into formatted ascii
so like, send cmd in html, get back some display or data from a controller, or verification of some command, or whatever
yeah looks pretty simple with arduino IDE
havent looked much deeper into coding it

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serial terminal on what?
i think by default its pretty much a serial modem
so what is the target tho?
like, you would have to be the server
to transmit router logs?
you want to make a log mailbox?
anyway, i think it would be neat to use esp8266 like a command relay
so basically you do x.x.x.x/somecmdtext and it just relays to device over rs232, and pops out whatever data to the web browser

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jero32: here the train drivers and the custodians are called engineer

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In California, electrical and mechanical engineering in particular can be done without a PE licensing in manufacturing, research and development, mining and some other areas, including Federal employment.
wtf mining, that dont seem right
sorry boss, i broke the mountain

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company is responsible
there might be exceptions in civil engineering
you can be held liable by the company in civil court, and youre maybe liable if you actually broke laws, but im pretty sure in most places in america, the company is responsible

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like ww3?

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er, cheap tek and keysight
well yeah but thats not exactly their focus
anyway, its not going to be as cheap to make shit there anymore
it hasnt been as cheap
most of the reason why is we cant make shit here anymore
already shifted
theyre maybe not the future
in 10-20 years it might be africa and south america

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in general, a little, but not like mass production audio
and since i dont want to work for megacorp like samsung or apple, kind of limits options
well manufacturing is done there, not as much top level design
simple audio stuff has always been china
since the 90s
well, not really
and china doesnt mean low quality as much
they make iphones
and most components
like, made in usa basically means, all corners cut or not on the market in 6mo
anyway rigol shit works
mean well supplies work
>95% of audio gear and consumer electronics in general work
thats not true
again, china makes iphones
i mean, their shit isbt huge diff from low end non-china brands
tek and tds scope interfaces are sluggish

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hahaha wtf
wifehacker is basically funding his retirement with ME teaching job, and regular ME job, heheh
no more school :(
yeah but she does both
i think he is saying as backup job because our industry is basically collapsing like a black hole
no his wife

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10k/V sounds like some sort of transconductance spec

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what you got against poland

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and bigger
light is like, tiny tiny, RF is goofy big
waves like trucks, boats
also for making 100ghz scopes
so its like, invisible because its too big too seem, and its 3d dimensional, and materials react with it completely non intuitively
*too see
its like the more you know the more wtf it is compared to regular electronics
*to see
duck_em: theres like 1000 diff ways for it to end badly
pick like, 2

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why they using diodes as heatsinks
wonder if that is a tempco thing
yeah probably
no the little ones
its just light
making bunch of fancy light pipes
like how regular light makes some shit glow
some stuff absorbs it, some stuff reflects it
RF is doing that shit with wavelengths the size of an ant

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class C is half wave rectified, no?
rabbit hole
why not just buy a module thing
you need 800?
they got 2400

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why not just look for chip at digikey
ha they dont even put RF IC in the IC category
all voodoo gets its own category

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because cheater decided

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jero32: its 60 not 60k
unless range switch but pencil lead pretty conductive

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