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that doesnt seem like a great method to reduce overdoses

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to fix it?

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i get the calc one and it makes me sad

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anyway, 200khz, 1MS/s scope is fine for pretty much everything except debugging digital comm
its overkill for audio

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you need an F1 or motorcycle race motor to get decent tone
related to alternator revs
6k is high?
6k is not high
even that prob revs towards 5k

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i dont understand jero
the inside is metal
neff: yeah its prob fine for car stuff
like, 6k rpm is 100hz, so a V8 would be 800hz
so thats 1250 samples per, um, i dunno, cylinder events

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has single mode triggering. looks neat
im not even sure if my 100mhz rigol can 1 shot
some scopes have common input ground, some are actually differential
pretty sure
the probe ground strap?
neff: for $30 assembled it seems like a neat thing to try

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if that has decent triggering options, what the prob with it?
welcome to scopes
it has 200khz bandwidth
which seems realistic
audio, controls, cars
if it can one shot trigger, thing is a deal
jero scopes are not very accurate in general
thats 300% more
and needs a pc
if it can do the job its prob a better choice

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even then, most people didnt make accounts until much later
digg hasnt been around for longer
normal cow cat
i had a cow cat would just sit on his hind legs, paw block every attack from a tabby
like matrix shit

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honestly mine defaults to old reddit
maybe 1/20 of the time, i get new reddit, i refresh and its old again
i dont know why
im not complaining
naw it happens when im logged in
prob some race condition
jero32: theres gotta be a checkbox somewhere
well theres your problem
just make an account to lurk
naw, theyre there to make money
the majority of their users dont know what digg is jero
and there isnt another platform known enough to take all their business
yes and management will do what makes them money
and arguably their management hasnt made many mistakes
everyone on reddit 10 years ago was a digg refugee

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ha @ war never changes
blackmoon: did you fall for failout 76?
like, i didnt understand how multiplayer fallout would work, at a core concept level
turns out neither did bethesda

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i would prob just sim it, heh
then you are prob right
fuckin values
this guy is made out of theoretical money

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jero32: i dont think there is steady state current in or out of the cap?
is open
dont understand
the voltage is whatever the voltage is without it being there
cap just does stuff during transition
well, i guess, i dont have the problem in front of me
but you just do the divider from the resistors, switch open the closed, and thats the steady state cap voltage
guess so, havent dont this stuff in maybe two years
but right, sounds you like you have it figured out
answer isnt a value its an equation

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jero32: woht
i dont remember
you can figure out both stead states and prob figure out an equation for current to plug into cap math

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