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Richard Janczarski, also known online as "Cubehead", was a self-professed disciple of Ray who styled himself the "second-wisest human".[19] From 2004, Janczarski created the Time Cube fansite Cubic Awareness Online, and an accompanying forum. In 2007, he travelled from his native Australia to Florida to meet Ray. The pair had several disagreements after going their separate ways.[20] Ray denounced
Janczarski on his website after the latter's visit. Janczarski killed himself on February 12, 2008.[21][22]
timecube has dark ending wtf

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that lynx is fucked
those other cats gonna get way bigger
looks like its actually some sort of african wildcat so who knows

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rab: tires are almost same in rain but completely useless on wet leaves or dry gravel
theyre a lot like the microknobby tires i had, with the inverted strip in the middle

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in 8.1, there is a toggle for internal and external tcp/ip stack
none of the tcp/ip instructions work with external stack
so maybe with external stack, you just get raw stream
7.4, 7.5, at mode or data switch
so looks like you can get raw or modem packet data, and you can tcp/ip packet data internal or external

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is telephonebook local?
yeah so if you stick a sim card into it, it at least has that
can send texts, looks like any sort of tcp/ip stuff
When there is incoming calls or SMS
under GPRS service status, it can
switch between data mode and AT
mode by +++/ATO. Details please see
NOTE in 8.3.
maybe voice is data mode, wouldnt at be packet mode stuff?

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why would it need audio hardware
it doesnt have ears, cant talk
on a personal level module doesnt know wtf i2s is for
you just stream back audio, no?
just ram the data in the hole
i2s is for dacs and adcs
not required for this, there is no human interfacing
data is data
like, i2s is mostly about timing and multiplexing channels
does i have some way to burn data in?
because what i would want is basically an interface that wants an address and length for whatever response i want to give it

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naw when im more drunk its a little better, until i want to kill him and leave

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trump is basically my best fren when hes super drunk
its is entertaining for a very short period of time

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damn, puncture wound from pink LED i dont remember buying

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we can control it
we can make even bigger glue cubes

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thats neat
that one is sold as high vicosity and low creep at high temp
but yeah, prob actually the opposite compared to normal injection molded plastics
cool that they are stealing my hot glue potting technology
you cant smell it because inside the glue!
it would actually be cool to pot components and destroy them
but yeah, potting a to-220 vreg in a 1" cube, then reversing the voltage sounds like a good time
i think sheared planes of trapped smoke would be sex

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bullet specs but no docs
bullet and tech specs, no docs
that isnt on their technomelt front page
cheater: Preparation
The substrates must be dry, free of oil, grease and dust.
155-170C seems like high temp, dunno tho

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i need butter and milk to unlock food options
technomelt is just loctite hot glue?
so it has specs which is neat but is it not just hot glue?
their molded usb thing looks like the potted shit i make with random high temp hot glue
hot glue is like a dozen diff things, shrug

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CNN is rly bad for tv
good for advertising

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so its basically permanent
did you guys see those non oled samsung tiles?
we can just rework new pixels on now

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ya normally i dont give a fuck about TV, an OLED is the first one i stopped and went 'fuuuuuuuuuu'
shrug, LCD have burn in
can always tell where my task bar icons are when i game or movie
jero thats literally the same thing to 99% of people
sure but what am i supposed to do, turn off my monitor and wait a week?

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probably why she all messed up
fam dont let fam FF

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like, when i was really pissed, i would do the reseda to hollywood down sunset through the buffy areas to the beach
took all night
yeah that shit happens in LA
the trailers for that movie made it look like a comedy, heh
anyway when i grew up, i mostly switched to driving as fast as i could see in the santa monica mountains
naw, that wouldnt happen in reality
hed be shot for abandoning his car in traffic
games are not fun right now
nothing is fun right now :(
i havent had a console since ps2
and technically i guess that was my sisters
girl like reset the gameplay counter on FF7, i think thats all she played

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by the museums downtown
i meant LA
i dont think tar pits are a normal civic installation
rab: i bet at some point it was sold in the gift shop
probably endagered status now
yes rab
its the tar tar pits
rab: la brea is the street
rab: walking is a several hour afair, its great for when youre angry

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rab: his name was anglosaxon, i just typo'd anglesaxon and thought it was funny
wow did i just stumble on NYT's attempt to bury a story?
oh wtf 1857
my guess is text conversion fuckup
if it was from 1987 i would be more suspect
joellama: what was the reader?
did it have a scan bed or something?

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recommended operation or electric characterists,nothing spec'd at 5v test condition, and theres not a curve
jero32: mean
why you gotta rub it in
i guess i will live near some soon
have some coffee and trolls the new renter about application status
guys what do you think it means when you put new renters number into the hangouts and its like AngleSaxon for the name
rab: yes i know, why does one choose it for the google acct name?

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rab: so youre just depending on low hi threshold?
4.5v VCC condition, V_IH, min 3.15v, typ 2.4v
so it can work but it doesnt have to
not even spec'd to 5v

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cheater a resistor can cause sag
wow, trump just said acid goes through concrete
like rust and aluminum is unavailable in mexico
jero32: for dropping you can just use a divider and maybe a diode to clamp
i was suprised it worked for 3v
kind of the edge of the spec curves
you could stick a cap and make it reduce noise
its not very fast or symmetrical
works tho
i used it for SPI way faster

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one chip for both ways?
does it need to be bidirection on each signal?
i used that for 3v to 5v
ive used the sparkfun thing for spi
not bidir on one signal, but both ways

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thats not there
like, >60dB is pretty much considered muted
140dBSPL will hurt people, and the speaker is distorting maybe couple orders of magnitude more than the amp
youre making as much sense as a musician

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poorly biased and clipped, asymmetric operation, crossover distortion and tit
yeah and if you fuck up the amp it changes the audible characteristics
thats all they care about
tube amps are not known for silence
mad hum in SRV's little wing
0.1dB does not really exist
no one can tell
no not really, not in an audible sense
if you think so im done with the convo

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oh guitar shit
just just solder in random shit until it sounds good, wtf
the original circuit is prob goofy anyway
the tone controls are prob just a random cludge of passives
its probably not random
its prob a tradition cludge or passives
do they market it that way?
anyway, if you add series resistance to a bias plate you might be dropping out voltage which might significantly change performance of an amp
i wont say make it worse...
because its a ghuitar amp, so its performance is probably not great to begin with
you know that guitarists dont know anything about amps and often prefer them to be broken in the tradition signal amp sense?

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ESR is not the same
resistor is in a bad place
it has dc resistance
it's spec'd at 100khz, or with an freq dependent equation and constant
anyway tube amps have PSRR on their own
depending on tube and config
100x is 40dB voltage
20dB power
its not really ripple tho
its sag
are you oscillating because of feed forward from the preamp or something?
whats the issue
i mean, if there a huge delays in the coupling or something?
i guess i dont understand the problem

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i dont think its photoelectric
its actual electrons, not light
plasma thing is a biproduct
right i dont think thats how optics works
i a photocoupler, its EM radiation bridging the gap, not electrons
in a tube, a heater makes a coating blow off electrons, and the screens and plates control the electrons in the vacuum with voltage fields
huge, afaik
thats why you need a transformer to match impedance
the resistor helps isolate
what do you mean you guess, it does
its an RC filter, how does it not isolate
the more cap you throw on, the more it isolates, and the less it will sag
you do get rail dropout with heavy loading
but thats kind of normal for audio supplies, honestly

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you want to RC the 300V supply?
you isoloate from the 300V supply's noise and ripple, but you create ripple with your signal
well, dropout, but if your amp doesnt have good PSRR, you can create distortion by RC filtering the supply
how is the preamp going to use it up and not the power amp?
it sounds like your amp has a PSRR problem, anyway RC filtering rails can fix that, but then you create ripple with load, so its almost the same

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