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fuck this little chair
can feel the two rivets through the seat back padding

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blue on white grid paper might not be too bad

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i like blue better

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anyway, the knives look awesome, site layout is cool

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rab: long time like this, i feel like with all the junk i have, somehow ive fucked up by not having those
thats a portrait setup with the third low light, too
honestly you can prob just buy the right paper and stick it in front of some flood lights
yeah that shit just keeps getting cheaper
somewhere a portrait gear factory opened up

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you need more lights and diffusers
for the white bg pics
pretty sure those umbrella light setups are cheap
well, you want lights from the sides and not so much above, so you dont cast shadow with head and cam
diffusers are neat because then you dont get sharp shadow edges
but if you have enough light it mostly kills the shadows
yeah i guess most his stuff is little
thats the cheap spendy option
but like, you can prob just fine the umbrellas and figure out the lights with stuff you have

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omg email says 35 min to pizza fuuuuuuuuu
blackmoon: little RO filter w/ UV input tube still showing like no ppm, think its a couple years old now?
UV lamp hasnt burnt out, i should prob replace prefilter
use like maybe 10-15 gal/week

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where is pizza?!!?
i hate moving
i have lots of little things and not so many big things
i have lots
empties even
shoebox size ones are good
bathroom, kitchen, electronics junk boxed, shelves, toolbox, press, bandsaw, cnc in the truck
my cnc table is on its side with the column laid against it, bolted through waffle and cork isolators, above and below table
pretty sure ive done this before
teklap: no breaking

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if its WYSIWYG, make sure your site is saved/published, and either log out or use incognito or tor
i tried using some site kids were using for poli-sci class, formatting was hellish
i ended up just hosting the site on a shell server, and having team kids export google docs as html to upload into their home dirs
wix, i think

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coming soon!
can we call you Jamie The Knife now?
Jamie Sharp Knives
Be the first to know when we launch.

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jero32: pretty sure random noise is how most feedback oscillators get started
and circuit asymmetry
like, a lot of them dont do anything when simulated
prob still get it started with a switch
but right, besides part manufacturing, noise is the other contributor
all the signals already exist in the air, yo

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