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shrug, thats a market demand thing, ROHS was a response
so youre arguing for tight regulation on product design?
consumers want more cheap shit

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i have a CRT here, it looks shit
meanwhile, i can barely see the pixels on my pc tablet shit, dont even know the res, its a lot
used a 40" tv at about 18" distance
tablet is 2160x1440
almost exactly 12" diag
are you arguing for giant pixels or something?

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ha i guess youre not supposed to eat it because choking
pretty sure TV are lower power on average
appliances def are
a 40" tv today is def lower power than 40" CRT
Also, a few varieties of silica gel come coated with cobalt chloride, which is considered toxic. The U.S. National Library of Medicine (part of the National Institutes of Health) deems swallowing a large amount at once not too dangerous, but grants that it may cause nausea and vomiting.
that sucks

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and i think the risk is fairly minimal
its also fairly low use
it didnt make a generation measurably stupider
not sure what your point is
tide pods are a basic element used in damn near every aspect of society
periodic table with tide pods would be cool

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so yeah, radioactive waste is a good example, because in both cases there legislation to limit the danger
dude im 5 miles from where the american mil ran melted down unshielded reactors for a week
arguments that nuclear power are safe is pretty retarded for both of those cases
people make mistakes
you would have made mistakes
thats why you minimize lead in products, because shit happens
kids drink random shit, chew on window sills, touch everything and suck on their fingers
kids dont read

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and it can totally fuck kids up
youre really going to defend ingesting lead
with whataboutism
completely dismissing the level of comparative danger
seriously, go hang out with imb
no its hey im middleage and fucking senile because of 20 years of bad habits
again, whn you have to go to crazy extremes to make the point, your point is probably not great
is it as bad a radioactive waste? no
its as bad as lead
is it worse for society than radioactive waste?
easily, because it was in damn near everything at one point, so they changed that

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but lead is fine for kids because big clive is fucking stupid
is breaking open thermometers and messing with mercury a few times in life fine? easily
constant low level exposure or massive workplace exposure fucks people up, minimizing it is obviously beneficial
ofc clive is alright, he says its fine but done eat it
everyone in this channel is like same way
dont bullshit that it isnt dangerous
right dont expose yourself to it as an adult, because it causes fucking brain damage

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and its nice that the sky is almost never brown
then nothing would get done in a city of 10M people
driven cars most of my life, i love that shit out of cars
the shit, anyway, people in cities design your cars, make your cars, market your cars, provide a market for cars to actually exist
anyway, engines are better because of it

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so calculated risk is kind of bullshit, you minimize risk or accept that youre going to be a littler stupider long term for a bit of convenience
or you can wear sunscreen
this isnt #cars extreme arguments arent going to go far
theres more awareness, there was a huge effort to eliminate lead in products, and kids are measureable safer and better off
fuck your black and white bubble shit
like, im sorry they made you put anti smog shit on your car
im okay with it because now kids dont have to stay inside instead of play outside because smog

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lead solder works better, if youre letting kids use it without making them wash your their hands youre a shit person
that its not the end of the world for adults is pretty much old news
effect on kids is crazy documented
or let them solder every day for years and eat finger foods
and saying it wont do anything to you is naive
it does shit to you as an adult
its just a lot less detrimental and most people dont have heavy exposure
but pollution and heavy metals good, science bad, right?
pretty much everyone whose been here forever prefers lead solder, doesnt mean we think eating it is cool
right and realistically you cant calculate it
because too many variables and not enough info

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actually prob 1/4 of efnet is 65, but theyre more likely to have been making ad bucks on fake news than been fooled by it
bring up avacado toast ill ban your ass
if you want to get political make sense
go hand with imbroken and note how those flat earthers make a lot of good points
what meh, thats your team
why would you want to have anything to do with some libtarded shit like science

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also im surprised someone on efnet would try to pull that republicans saving face 'fake news' bullshit
every channel i was on, dipshits would post 'news' from sites with agregator disclamers
click through, same site same theme, diff color
next source, same shit, diff color and domain
click through, 404 on a white supremacy site or some romanian shit
this isnt facebook were not 65, people on this net were calling out actual republican targeted fake news like a year before the election

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00:11:39 < TubaMan> 3d printers are great for prototyping, not finished products
for cosmetic prototyping, its not really homogeneous engineering material so its pretty shit for a lot of mechanical prototyping
00:14:18 < Macgyver0> yep, libtards born with smartphone in thier hand
thats just fucking retarded
how the fuck is political views relating to fab decisions
libtards arent the ones printing guns that blow up in people faces

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net|: tight insulated coils prob make that close to impossible right now
and print in place bearings are probably going to be about as shit as everything else 3d printed vs accepted manufacturing processes
3d prints are usually to prove they could make something work
making things work well usually isnt a goal, and making things better than for example normal bearings and bushings isnt a thing
but sure if you want a grindy plastic toys that last a few hours, 3d print away

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they eat dirt pretty sure they can eat anything they want that fits

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